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Every year around Springtime, existing NSD students who will be attending Columbia, Nampa and Skyview High School can place their course requests for the following academic year through the student course requesting system, called ClassChoice.



Here you'll find NSD HS course catalog, course requesting worksheets, ClassChoice course requesting tutorial and frequently asked questions.

Check out the tutorial link and the Q&A resources below:

 23-24 ClassChoice Tutorial
23-24 Tutorial de ClassChoice (Español)


Course Selection and Scheduling: Q & A 

The quick course lists are an easy reference to course offerings by grade. Please see the course catalog for additional course details and descriptions. You may complete the WORKSHEETS electronically - save, print or share.
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade
Course Selection and Scheduling: Q & A
What is Class Choice?
Class Choice is the online software used for high school students to request courses for the up and coming school year. Once the system has been initiated for the year, students may login through their PowerSchool accounts and access their Course Requesting Screen to select courses.
Is Class Choice accessible all year long?
Class Choice is only accessible during the Course Requesting Window.
When do students request courses for the up and coming school year?
Generally, 8th grade students will request courses in the last few weeks of February. Current 9th-11th grade students will request courses some time during the month of March. Schools will communicate more exact dates as it draws closer.
How do students choose their courses?
Your students school will communicate more details, but students will request courses online using Class Choice. All students need their PowerSchool login and password to select the Class Choice link within PowerSchool. Generally, a school counselor will be on hand to direct them through the steps and answer questions. A Class Choice Tutorial is available on the HS Courses webpage to help prepare students for requesting.
How do we learn about the courses offered for the upcoming school year?

You may access the online Course Catalog for that year to learn about the courses offered. It is usually published online on the District and Secondary school websites in January.

You may access the online course requesting worksheets posted in January for each grade level. They are designed to assist students in understanding their required courses and how many electives and alternates they are to choose.

Virtual videos and power points are posted for your access.

Your school counselors may visit classes prior to requesting their courses to talk about various programs and answer any questions.

Students and parents may contact their school counselor and seek out additional information.

A list of courses offered for each grade level will be posted online. Seek out for example: Courses Available Worksheets-9th.

When do students get their class schedule?
Student schedules are posted online in PowerSchool some time during August of that school year.