RISE is a program for students who have been given the opportunity to continue as a student of the Nampa School District after a disciplinary issue.


RISE offers students an opportunity to reintegrate back to a brick-and-mortar school through an online curriculum with support from RISE staff.  The program offers the following:

  1. A comprehensive educational program for earning credits through NOVA (Nampa Online Virtual Academy)
  2. Middle school and high school sessions to meet the academic and behavioral needs of students
  3. Academic counseling, college and career counseling, and drug and alcohol counseling with a staff social worker

Vision Statement

RISE is a restorative program serving students who require an alternate placement due to disciplinary issues.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the RISE program is to guide students to successfully be reintegrated back to their home schools to continue their secondary career to a high school diploma.


MaryAnn VandeBrake, Ph.D.
RISE Program Administrator
[email protected]