Scholarships / College Financial Support

Students should work with counselors at their high schools. Below is information about local scholarships and loans and links to State of Idaho and federal programs.

Local Scholarships 

The Nampa Schools Foundation has several scholarships available only for Nampa School District students.  Here's a link to the Foundation's site:

Preston Capell Loan 

A former Nampa Mayor created an interest-free college loan fund for students who graduate from the Nampa School District. The application will be available from high school counselors and on the website during the second semester. The application is due March 31, 2023. 
State of Idaho Scholarship Program

The Idaho State Board of Education manages several scholarship programs. For more information visit its site at:

The Idaho Career Information Systems provides a wealth of career and college information. For more information visit its site at:

Federal financial aid form 
Students may also qualify for financial aid, as well as a financial grant for college. The first step, however, is to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid.) You may pick one up at the Counselors Office or visit:   

Scholarship Information
There are many resources for helping to identify available scholarships. Here's one site with information to get you started.