Facts About District-Owned Property



The district has three parcels of land purchased with bond funds as future school sites. The land was purchased when the community was growing at a rapid pace. Those properties and their current uses are:

  • 60 acres on the northeast corner of Roosevelt and Midway – farmed under a rental lease.
  • 38 acres on Lone Star, west of Midway – farmed under a rental lease.
  • 43 acres on Airport Road, east of Robinson – farmed under a rental lease.
  • Less than an acre adjacent to the District Office – used as a community soccer field. 




The district owns the following developed properties not currently used for school purposes.


District Office – This building is located on South Canyon Street and houses academic and business support functions for schools, district leadership offices and a meeting place for the Board of Trustees.


Scism School – This old rural school site was closed in 2010 because it was inefficient and costly to run.


McKinney-Vento Office – The district has owned this building for more than 30 years. Often mistaken for a private residence, it houses programs and materials for homeless students and their families.


Operations – The district owns five sites that house staff, supplies and materials for district maintenance, groundskeeping and nutrition for its 24 school sites.


  • Technology Center on Front Street - This facility houses our Information Services department
  • Nutrition Warehouse on East Executive Avenue – This facility includes office space and a large refrigerated warehouse for storing food for the nutrition program.
  • Main Maintenance Warehouse on First Street and 15th Avenue South – This is the main maintenance warehouse for the district.
  • Secondary Maintenance Warehouse on Front Street and 17th Avenue South This facility provides room for our carpentry shop, vehicles, groundskeeping team and storage.
  • Groundskeeping Warehouse (Block Building) on Midland Boulevard and Lake Lowell Avenue – This facility stores groundskeeping equipment such as mowers, trucks, supplies and unused equipment.   




The only property the district leases is beneath its technology warehouse on Front Street. Under this long-term lease the district owns the building but pays an annual fee for parking.