Purchasing--Bids and RFPs 2019 Part 2

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For information contact: Randy Dewey at (208) 468-4600, ext. 1057

Nutrition Services Bid November 2019 Fresh Produce, Spring 2020
Closes:  12/2/2019 @ 2:00 pm Mountain Time
Nutrition Services RFP July 2019--Lunchtime Pizza
Closed -- Award materials posted below
Nutrition Services Bid Spring 2019
 Closed -- Award materials posted below
Student Transportation RFP March 2019
Closes:  4/24/2019 @ 2:00 pm Mountain Time
Pre-proposal conference 3/19/2019 @ 3:00 pm Mountain Time (held at NSD Administrative Office, 619 S. Canyon Street, Nampa, ID)
Playground Replacements RFP February 2019
Closes:  3/7/2019 @ 3:00 pm Mountain Time 
Last day for questions/clarifications:  2/27/2019 @ 5:00 pm Mountain Time
Site walkthrough:  2/4/2019 @ 1:00 pm Mountain Time, beginning at Snake River Elementary
   **At the request of potential respondent, a second site walkthrough will be held Thursday, February 7, at 2:00 pm
Information Services Bid November 2018--Uninterruptible Power Supplies
     Closed / Award materials posted below
Nutrition Services Bid November 2018--Fresh Fruit & Produce for Spring 2019
     Closed -- Award materials posted below
Nutrition Services RFP July 2018--Ware Washing
Nutrition Services RFP July 2018--Lunchtime Pizza

Nutrition Services Price Quote May 2018--Fresh Fruit & Produce

Custodial & Light Maintenance RFP April 2018

Nutrition Services Primary Bids April 2018

Playground RFP February 2018

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Closed Bids/RFPs Archive

Closed Bids & RFPs 2018
Technology RFPs January 2018
Building Maps
WAP Hardware & Installation RFP January 2018
WAP & Projector Network Cabling Upgrades RFP January 2018
Network Firewall & Security Appliance RFP January 2018
AP Placement Building Maps
Columbia High School Band Uniforms RFP January 2018
Closed Bids & RFPs 2016
NHS Band Uniforms January 2016
Nutrition Services Bids May 2016
Technology Bids February 2016
Building Layouts
Nutrition Services Food Products Bid Dec 2016 (for Spring 2017)
Gloves & Napkins Price Quote Award, Aug 2016-June 2017
Closed Bids & RFPs 2015
Building Maps
Wiring Updates Bid Request
Switching Equipment Bid Request
Wireless Infrastructure Bid Request
Network Firewall Bid Request
Closed Nutrition Services Bids
Paper & Cleaning Products Rebid June 2015
Nutrition Services Bids May 2015
Nutrition Services Bid November 2015
Paper & Cleaning PQ Sept 2015
Closed Bids & RFPs 2016
Technology Bid April 2017 - Internet & WAN Speed Upgrade
Technology Bid April 2017 - WAN Backbone Upgrade
Technology Bid April 2017 - Parkview Network Switching Equipment
Nutrition Services Bid May 2017
Nutrition Services Bid December 2017


Laptop/Tablet Sleeve Bid May 2018