Dual Enrollment


Students attending area charter schools, private schools or home schools are eligible to take academic courses and/or participate in extracurricular activities through the Nampa School District. Parents must complete a Dual Enrollment application and submit it with proof of address prior to enrollment in district courses or activities. You may enroll your child with the school after receiving approval from the District Office.

There may be fees charged based on the number of courses taken with the district and the type of extracurricular activity. These fees will be billed to the charter or private school if a signed agreement is in place between the school and the district. In the absence of an agreement, any fees must be paid by the parent in advance of enrollment.

Dual Enrollment Forms

Charter school and private school students: Please note that your school administrator must sign the application before it can be submitted to the Nampa School District.

For information about dual enrollment, please contact Terran Stuckey at [email protected] or by phone at (208) 468-4601, ext. 1080.