Enrollment FAQs



Below are answers to some frequently asked questions by newcomers to our schools. If you have additional questions, please contact the district office at (208) 468-4600.

When does school start? 
The school year calendar can be found at https://www.nsd131.org/apps/pages/NSD_calendars.

How old does my child have to be to start school?
Children may enter kindergarten if they are age 5 on or before Sept. 1. Children may enter first grade if they are age 6 on or by Sept. 1.

What school will my child attend?
Our elementary schools serve students in grades K-5, our middle schools serve students in grades 6-8, and our high schools serve students in grades 9-12. Each school has a designated attendance zone. The primary residence (address) of the child's parent or legal guardian determines which school the student will attend.

The district offers an online tool for parents to check what school will serve their child. Parents also may call the district office at (208) 468-4600.

If you would like your child to attend a school outside your attendance zone, click here or on the Open Enrollment Program link at left.

What documents are needed to enroll my child?
Parents of children new to our district are asked to complete an online pre-enrollment process and then visit their child’s school to finalize the enrollment. After completing the online process, you will be advised to bring various documents to a enrollment site. These include:

  • Proof of address. The legal residence of the student's parent/guardian determines the student's designated attendance area. Examples of acceptable address verification include a home telephone bill, gas bill, electricity bill, water/sewer/trash bill, a hook-up receipt to any of the above, a rental/lease/purchase agreement, or a cable bill. The bill must show a recent date (within 30 days), and the parent or legal guardian's name and address. The following documents are some examples of what is NOT acceptable: department store bills, driver's license, state ID, personalized checks, cell phone bills, house payment receipt, or vehicle registration.
  • Certified birth certificate. If a copy is unavailable at the time of enrollment, the parent/legal guardian has up to 30 days to submit the document to the school.
  • Immunization or shot record signed by a physician or physician’s representative. Click here to see what immunizations are required.
  • Transcripts and records regarding education and/or special services placement are helpful. If you have not already transferred your child's records, you may sign a record transfer request at the time of enrollment.
  • Legal guardians must provide certified proof of guardianship.
  • Parents of potential first-grade students (students who have attended kindergarten in another state, yet are underage for first-grade attendance in Idaho) must provide documentation from the child's previous school stating that the child has successfully completed 450 hours of approved kindergarten instruction.

What school supplies does my child need?
If your student is joining mid-year, please check with your child’s school. Prior to the start of the school year, the district posts the suggested elementary supply list on our website. For middle and high schools, please check with the school.

What school bus should my child ride?
The district contracts with Brown Bus Co. to provide transportation to and from school for eligible students. Prior to the start of school, bus routes are published on the company website (click here to be directed to its website). For questions regarding bus schedules and routes, contact Brown Bus Co. at (208) 466-4181.

How do I pay for student meals?
Check with your child’s school for details about paying at school. You may qualify for free or reduced-priced meals; please check with your child’s school for an application. You also may pay online at https://www.myschoolbucks.com. You will need your child’s student ID number to access this service; you may get this number by contacting your student’s school or contacting the Nutrition Services Office at (208) 468-4601, ext. 1278

Who do I contact for more information?
We encourage you to first contact the office of the school your child attends. If you have additional questions, you may contact Terran Stuckey at the district office at (208) 468-4601, ext. 1080.

Does the district have a dress code for students?
Yes. Dress codes have been established and are detailed in school handbooks.