Focus Schools

What are focus schools?


The Nampa School District is proud to offer many options for learning throughout our district. Focus schools are schools that teach the curriculum through a specific lens to enhance student learning. 


Focus schools teach to the same standards and are held to the same requirements as our traditional programs, while enhancing the curriculum through a specific focus. 


What focuses or options are available for my student(s)?


The Nampa School District's focus schools include arts integration, project-based learning, blended learning, mastery-based learning, STEM and a dual-language program. There also is a fully online option, NOVA.

How can my student enroll in a focus school?


Focus schools are open to all students. Students who live within the school's boundaries attend focus schools as their home school. Students who live in another school's boundaries or who live outside of the Nampa School District are welcome to apply to attend a focus school through our district's open-enrollment process.


To learn more about open enrollment, visit our open-enrollment page


Where can I learn more about a focus school?


You can learn more about our focus schools by clicking on the individual school's website or by contacting the schools to set up an appointment to visit.

What schools are focus schools?


Centennial Elementary – Arts Integration Focus

Greenhurst Elementary – Mastery-Based Learning Focus

New Horizons Elementary – Dual Language Focus

Lake Ridge Elementary – Project-Based Learning Focus

Willow Creek Elementary – Blended Learning Focus

Sherman Elementary – STEM Focus 

Endeavor Elementary Project-Based Learning Focus 
Park Ridge Elementary – Expeditionary Learning Focus


East Valley Middle School – Student Choice Focus
Lone Star Middle School – STEAM Focus

Park Ridge School – Expeditionary Learning Focus
South Middle School – Project-Based Learning Focus
West Middle School – Project-Based Learning Academy
Union High School – Big Picture Learning

Are there any additional options?

NOVA - Nampa Online Virtual Academy
NSD Preschool – The Nampa School District offers a preschool option for students age 3-4.
Career and Technical Education