Reopening School – 2020-21

The Nampa School District is excited to welcome students back for fall 2020. This past year the district experienced unprecedented challenges as schools across the country closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Students, parents, and staff stepped up to the challenge and Nampa emerged as a leader in providing online education. As Nampa prepares for the fall, we realize there may be many challenges still ahead. Thus, the district has been creating a plan to support student learning for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

Draft Fall Reopening Plans


The district fall reopening plan provides a general overview of what school may look like in the fall of 2020. Each school will take these general ideas and develop a more specific plan to ensure student health and safety. Drafts of the plan for each building level are found below.

Research on COVID-19 and Masks


This article provides a plain-language summary of the science on face coverings during a pandemic.

Spring Survey Feedback

This spring the Nampa School District surveyed parents on a number of topics to learn more about their remote learning experience and how to best plan for the fall of 2020.

The data reported many positives including appreciation for the efforts of the teaching staff during the Covid-19 crisis, consistent communication from teachers, and well-organized and planned lessons. However, we also heard from parents that the work load was often overwhelming and it was difficult to manage the many platforms that were used during online instruction. This information is helpful as we prepare for fall 2020.

2020-21 Reopening Process


The Nampa School District used several pieces of data to build its 2020-21 reopening plan. First, the district reviewed guidelines for schools from the CDC and consulted with local health officials at Southwest District Health. Next, the district met with all its school principals to brainstorm ideas on what school would look like in fall. After gathering some initial ideas, the district formed a group of school administrators and district leaders to review other school district reopening plans. The team reviewed plans from school districts both locally and nationally to learn and gather information. The team then used this information to draft a reopening plan for NSD.


Next, the district held several focus groups to elicit more feedback. The district met with a group of parents, teachers, school board members, and with the Nampa Education Association. Suggestions and edits were recommended, and adjustments were made to the plan. Now, the district would like to gain greater feedback from the community as a whole.