Waitlists Forming for District Focus Schools

The Nampa School District is proud to offer many options for learning throughout our district, including five vibrant focus schools. Focus schools are schools that teach the curriculum through a specific lens to enhance student learning. Nampa‚Äôs focus schools include arts integration, project-based learning, blended learning, mastery-based learning, and a dual-language program. 

Focus schools teach to the same standards and are held to the same requirements as our traditional programs, while enhancing the curriculum through a specific focus. 

Focus schools are open to all students. Students who live within the school's boundaries attend focus schools as their home school. Students who live in another school's boundaries or who live outside of the Nampa School District are welcome to apply to attend a focus school through our district's open-enrollment process.

To learn more about open enrollment, visit our open-enrollment page at https://www.nsd131.org/apps/pages/OpenEnrollment. Waitlists are forming now.