Each of our schools employs a counselor to support learning goals at that school. Parents should contact their child's school first with questions.

Counselors are coordinated at the elementary level by Corrie Anderson, based at Sherman Elementary School; and at the secondary level by Stephanie Parsons, based at West Middle School, and Jason Hoyt, based at Columbia High School.
Counselors - Elementary
School Phone Counselor Email and Extension
Centennial (208) 468-4627 Emily Bullock [email protected]
Central (208) 468-4611 Stacy Freiburhaus [email protected] Ext. 2152
Endeavor (208) 468-4629 Endeavor [email protected] Ext. 3929
Greenhurst (208) 468-4612 Ami Peterson [email protected] Ext. 2231
Iowa (208) 468-4621 Jill Clardie [email protected] Ext. 3255
Lake Ridge (208) 468-4626 Marly Harris [email protected] Ext. 3749
New Horizons (208) 468-4623 Luis Aguilar Oviedo [email protected] Ext. 3421
Owyhee (208) 468-4616 Amanda McConnell [email protected] Ext. 2608
The Ridge/TVLA (208) 468-4622 Brittany Driesler [email protected] Ext. 3316
Reagan (208) 468-4619 Carmel Walther-Major [email protected] Ext. 2904
Roosevelt (208) 468-4620 Tim Sullivan [email protected] Ext. 3108
Sherman (208) 468-4628 Corrie Anderson [email protected] Ext. 2817
Snake River (208) 468-4614 Lillena Jae Borden [email protected] Ext. 2449
Willow Creek (208) 468-4617 Christie Peebles [email protected] Ext. 2716
Counselors - Middle School
School Phone Counselor Students Assigned Email
East Valley (208) 468-4760 Carmen Bengoa Last Name A-L [email protected] Ext. 4515
Stephanie Parsons Last Name M-Z [email protected] Ext. 4514
Lone Star (208) 468-4745 Lori Smith Last Name A-K [email protected] Ext. 4814
Cristina Medrano Enriquez Last Name L-Z [email protected] Ext. 4816
South (208) 468-4740 Chelsea Pelton Last Name A-L [email protected] Ext. 4308
Summer Jackson Last Name M-Z [email protected] Ext. 4308
West (208) 468-4750 Christina Martin Last Name A-L [email protected] Ext. 4146
LeeAnn Carson Last Name M-Z [email protected] Ext. 4148
Counselors - High School
School Phone Counselor Students Assigned Email
Columbia (208) 498-0571 Shanna Pyzer Last Name A-G [email protected] Ext. 6528
Jason Hoyt Last Name H-P [email protected] Ext. 6530
Mike Chavez Last Name Q-Z [email protected] Ext. 6532
Sandra Baeza Nunez College & Career [email protected] Ext. 4816
Nampa (208) 498-0551 Sadie Nielsen Last Name A-D [email protected] Ext. 6706
Erica Black Last Name E-K [email protected] Ext. 6825
Kacie Noyes Last Name L-Q [email protected] Ext. 4146
Gina Gravenmier Last Name R-Z [email protected] Ext. 6710
Skyview (208) 498-0561 Margaret Voth Freshmen, Juniors Last Name Go-O [email protected] Ext. 5322
Mandy Petty Seniors, Juniors Last Name A-Gn [email protected] Ext. 5319
Scott Naugle Sophomores, Juniors Last Name P-Z [email protected] Ext. 5320
NOVA (208) 468-2808 Mary Dowski All Students [email protected] Ext. 3363
TVLA (208) 498-1568 Brittany Driesler All Students [email protected] Ext. 3316
Gateways (208) 498-0557 Mackenzy Starkey All Students [email protected] Ext. 5943