Preston Capell

Announcement of Application Availability

Preston Capell Educational Loan Fund

Any graduate of a Nampa School District High School who is continuing his/her education in a state accredited college or vocational program may apply for a loan from the Preston Capell Educational Fund. This fund is named after former Nampa Mayor Preston Capell, who donated $180,000 to the Nampa School District for a student loan fund. This loan fund has now grown to over $300,000. Loans are granted to students desiring to continue their college or vocational studies. They are awarded based on scholastic achievement, financial need and potential for service and achievement. The loans are interest free if they are paid back in a timely manner following graduation from post-secondary education.


Applications are available from high school counselors, the district website or the Nampa School District office. They are due by 5:00 pm on April 30, 2024. For more information, contact Randy Dewey at 468-4600 or your school counselor.