Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI) by Istation

The Idaho IRI (Idaho Reading Indicator) is a reading assessment used to evaluate the reading skills of students in Idaho's public schools. It is administered in kindergarten through third grade. State of Idaho requires it be administered in September and May. NSD administers two additional district wide assessments in December and March. 
Typically, the Idaho IRI takes about 20-30 minutes for students in kindergarten, 30-40 minutes for students in first and second grade, and 45-60 minutes for students in third grade. However, this is just a general estimate and the actual time it takes a student to complete the assessment can vary based on several factors such as the grade level, reading abilities, and reading speed of the student. Students with significant cognitive disabilities eligible for alternate assessments will participate in the CORE Phonics Survey in the fall and spring.

Parents receive the fall IRI parent report at fall conferences and the spring report with the end of year report card.
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