Your student’s score report for the 2023 Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) in English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy and Mathematics provides your family with useful information, including: 

• How your student scored on end-of-year, statewide assessments in ELA/Literacy, Mathematics, and Science (Grades 5, 8, & 11) 

• Whether these scores meet Idaho’s standards for achievement 

• How your student’s scores compare with students in the same school, the same district, and across Idaho.

For assistance accessing your student's ISAT results, refer to this instruction sheet.
This brochure provides guidance on understanding the score report, answers a few frequently asked questions about the assessment, and offers direction on where to go to find additional resources. 
To learn more about ISAT testing in Idaho, visit this page on the Idaho State Department of Education website:
Idaho Alternate Assessment in English, Language Arts, Mathematics and Science (IDAA)