About Us

About the Nampa School District

Personalized learning is offered across the district, where you’ll find innovative approaches to education. These include mastery-based education, project-based learning, a dual-language school, expeditionary learning, arts integrations, blended learning, Big Picture learning and STEM/STEAM focuses. Our open enrollment policy allows you to find the perfect fit for your child and family.

The district’s mission is to ensure high levels of achievement for every student. Working with a team of teachers and staff dedicated to success, our students acquire the knowledge and skills essential for success on state and national assessments, and in post-secondary education and work opportunities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Nampa School District is to ensure high levels of achievement for every student.

Vision Statement

Every student is fully engaged in extraordinary learning experiences, preparing for successful transition to the next stage of life.

Strategic Vision
The District’s vision focuses on specific goals and areas of achievement. These strategies allow students to grow and explore as they master state standards across the curriculum.
The five strategies are:

(1) establishing and faithfully delivering a guaranteed and viable curriculum to all students that fully aligns with essential standards and future success;

(2) assuring that each student masters each essential standard through highly effective instruction;

(3) having teachers work together in Professional Learning Communities to monitor student progress and adjust instruction to guarantee student achievement;

(4) focusing relentlessly on student achievement as the measure of the effectiveness of instruction and leadership; and

(5) providing highly effective leadership in each school and throughout the district that supports and focuses on the first four strategies.

Strategy Area 1
Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

Every student, regardless of personal circumstances, neighborhood, school or classroom will have the opportunity and support to master essential content through a well-articulated and faithfully delivered instructional program that is focused on standards.

Strategy Area 2
Highly Effective Instruction

Every student, every day, every classroom and program will be engaged in learning experiences that are challenging, research-based, and frequently monitored by measures of student growth.

Strategy Area 3
Professional Collaboration

Teachers and other staff work together in professional learning communities to develop opportunities and assessments for learning, to analyze student work, and plan together in ways that ensure improved student outcomes.

Strategy Area 4
Focus on Results of the Whole Student

Climate, culture, and community and family connections provide a positive, aspirational, and supportive environment for student success. Effectiveness is measured by the success of each and every student. We do not accept student failure, regardless of student background or circumstance. All students will have access to supports and the opportunity to succeed.

Strategy Area 5

Leadership is aligned with characteristics of high achieving schools and districts and results in significant improvement in student outcomes and staff effectiveness.

Strategy Area 6
Educational Support Staff

Support systems are organized to strengthen teaching, learning and student achievement. All employees of the district promote a positive culture for students, staff and parents.

Strategy Area 7
Community Engagement

The district is seen as a source of community pride and is a good steward of community and district resources, facilities and systems meet student and community needs.

Parent and guardian input and involvement is valued. Partnerships are cultivated with all stakeholders to align resources for student success. Two-way communication is prioritized and valued.