Spotlight on Nampa Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet opened in Nampa in 2020. From the start, owners Danny and Shari Panasiuk made it clear that they wanted to be part of not only a thriving business but also their newly adopted community.

“We feel it’s important to go out into the community and really support them,” Shari said. “It’s in our budget to give a specific amount and we just absolutely love doing it, especially for the kids. It’s super-important.” 

That giving amounts to donations of pantry staples such as peanut butter, canned goods, and mac and cheese, as well as a variety of fresh foods. Recently, they donated two cases of bananas and mandarin oranges for students taking standardized ACCESS testing at Central Elementary.

In addition, the store participates in a corporate-wide fundraiser called Independence from Hunger, where 100 percent of donations from customers are shared with a community partner. For Grocery Outlet, that partner is the NSD Family and Community Resource Centers. This past year, the program fundraised more than 150 bags of food to distribute as well as a check for $1,000.

The Panasiuks hadn’t heard about FCRCs before arriving in Nampa, but after meeting with coordinators and seeing the need, they were hooked. “We first thought we would donate specifically to Central Elementary’s FCRC, but we learned they share donations and spread them out to take care of the whole community’s need,” Shari said.

In Other Words

Danny and Shari have done so much to support our families,” said FCRC Coordinator Jasmine Flores. “Last school year, I was able to partner with them on creating a program where we receive their imperfect fruits and veggies on a bi-weekly basis. We also created a rotating schedule that allows us to pick up donations on a weekly basis that has expanded into all five of our FCRC sites and goes beyond our typical order of produce. Often, they’ll throw in meat, eggs, cereal, etc.

“Their donation allows the FCRCs to distribute food quickly to our families in need. The sighs of relief when families are able to feed their children a meal other than outside of a can – I have no words. This is why we have named them a Community Champion for the last two years.

“I’ve never met business owners like Shari and Danny. They are truly selfless and want to give back to the community by whatever means possible.”

Why they Give

Both Danny and Shari have gone through hard times themselves, so truly see the importance of helping others through those hard times, particularly children.

“When we started donating it was good, but it got better and better. Our hearts grew and grew until it became a part of us. We really enjoy it. We do.”