Community Partnership Spotlight: Iron Order

Don’t let the leather vests, tattoos and three-piece biker patches fool you. These guys have a soft spot in their hearts for kids.

The Idaho chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club has been partnering with the Nampa School District for about four years. The club is a brotherhood, and its charter includes a directive to participate in charity events for the good of their communities.

Iron Order members come from all walks of life, including former military, lawyers, doctors and more. What they have in common is a love of motorcycles and a desire to give back in a meaningful way. 

“Some of us grew up with parents who had no money, no jobs,” said member Jake Jacoby. “We were brought into the world on a more sour note, so we always like to give to those who definitely have a need. And we like doing stuff for the kids.”

The group started by donating back-to-school backpacks filled with supplies, a tradition they’ve continued each year. They also adopt a family for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, supplying gifts or all the fixings for a delicious dinner.

“This year McKinney-Vento hooked us up with a family of four and we brought them everything they needed for dinner,” Jacoby said. “They were in an apartment, so they were able to cook all the food.”

Spotlight on a Day
This last summer, after we did the backpacks, we went to a big resource fair sponsored by the school district. We hung out for a little while and talked to the kids who were wanting to hear all about the motorcycles and how cool they are. It’s always good and it keeps you on an even keel to not worry about all the stresses you have, but to go and help those little guys that are truly in need.

In Other Words
“When the Iron Order first reached out to us about partnering together to meet the needs of some of our students, I was a little surprised,” said Natalie Sandoval, NSD homeless education liaison. “I quickly learned that Iron Order’s hearts are as big as their motorcycles! I think that it is really important that we see all sorts of groups stepping forward to help their community. This amazing organization continues to support NSD students year after year. It is pretty amazing to watch their faces light up with every donation they make to our programs.”