Roosevelt’s Mr. Freddy Named Custodian of the Year

Freddy Munoz started working as a night custodian at Roosevelt Elementary School in 2020 and soon became a favorite of both staff and students. Now a custodial team leader, Munoz was named Employee of the Year on Feb. 7 by ABM, the company that provides janitorial services for the Nampa School District.

With his mom Maria Munoz, also an ABM custodian who works at West Middle School, looking on, Munoz was recognized for his cheerful attitude and dedicated work ethic, which includes countless hours of overtime.

“It’s no accident that Mr. Freddy is the recipient of the Custodian of the Year award. He keeps our school tidy, buttoned up and ready for business each and every day!” said Roosevelt Principal Shawn Tegethoff. “But the best part about Mr. Freddy is that he adores our students. He is involved in student activities and has been known to race the school mascot wearing a Pikachu costume on field day. We love Mr. Freddy and join him in celebrating his new title, Custodian of the Year!”

ABM noted the following when presenting Munoz with his award:

As a night custodian and Team Leader, Freddy has worked countless hours of OT during the week to help management with staffing shortages. Not just at Roosevelt but has also at other schools within the Nampa School District. Freddy has also worked on Saturdays and/or Sundays for regular clean, as well as to clean up after Youth City Rec Basketball games. During Summer Deep Cleans, he is out in the heat doing his best to keep up with sprinklers and the weeds around the building. He never says no when you ask him to do something and if another Team Lead is in need of assistance, he happily goes and helps them out.

Munoz received a framed certificate as well as a gift package that included five embroidered “Employee of the Year” shirts and $150 in gift cards.