Spotlight on 2C Kids Succeed

2C Kids Succeed is dedicated to helping kids, well, succeed. 
Idaho ranks ahead of much of the country for the number of children experiencing four or more adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). ACEs are traumatic events in a child’s life that have a lasting effect well into adulthood and can include things like abuse, neglect, divorce, or mental health and substance abuse issues.
In 2019, a group of community advocates decided that these risk factors don’t have to be predictive factors and 2C Kids Succeed was born. The initiative works to reduce the negative effects of ACEs while also looking for impactful ways to support and provide hope for children and families in our community.
Supporters believe that adversity can be countered with positive experiences, a supportive relationship with a trusted adult, and healthy environments that help build resilience.
2C Kids Succeed is comprised of educators (including Nampa School District), business leaders, municipal leaders, legislators, non-profit organizations and anyone interested in building a healthy and resilient community for children.
Organizers have come together to sponsor community forums addressing teen mental health and suicide, rally volunteers to high-five students before school, chalk school walkways with positive images and phrases, encourage impactful messaging Like “You matter; you are loved” on local business readerboards, and more.
Another program, Notes of Hope, allows anyone to pen a positive message for either a youth or adult by visiting the 2C Kids Succeed website. These notes are shared in response to traumatic events or with people nominated to receive words of encouragement.  
Spotlight on a Day
On November 17, 2023, volunteers showed up at middle schools and high schools across the district for High-Five Friday. 
At Union School, students were met with cheerful greetings, high fives and a sticker for their water bottle. Several were so impressed, they joined the volunteers, offering support for fellow students starting their day.
One young middle school student stepped into the school, then stopped to turn back, telling the volunteers, “You made me feel like a celebrity!”
That’s exactly the reaction organizers had hoped for.
How to Get Involved
Find more information on 2C Kids Succeed at Watch social media for opportunities to volunteer for 2C Kids Week, Chalk the Walk, High-Five Friday or other uplifting events.