This Community Partnership is On the Money

Education has always been at the heart of CapEd Credit Union’s mission. The federal credit union was formed by 13 educators in 1936 to support teachers and promote quality education and has stayed true to that mission ever since.

CapEd regularly gives back to local schools through grants, sponsorships, donations and volunteering. Idaho teachers can apply for a grant from the Idaho CapEd Foundation to support a variety of classroom projects, or list projects through the We Love Teachers program (in partnership with DonorsChoose). In addition, the community is encouraged to participate in CapEd’s Doodle Folder Program by coloring and placing their personal spin on the classic Pee-Chee style folder to receive a $25 gift code that can be applied to an educator’s project listed on

Since 2018, CapEd has given more than $362,000 to school programs and projects (including NSD) through their Get $100 & Give $100 program that rewards people for opening a high-yield checking account by donating to a school of their choice.

“If it’s feasible for CapEd to support an educational initiative, we will do what we can to find a way,” said Brenna Greenwood, CapEd Financial Education Specialist. “It’s all about enriching curriculum and the lives of teachers, and empowering students with financial education to keep the quality of education high.”

Greenwood, a certified teacher, is a free resource for schools looking for ways to fulfill the Legislature’s recent initiative on financial literacy. Interested teachers can reach out to her to refine the topic and develop a timeline that meets their needs.

In Their Own Words

Recently a teacher grant was presented to Columbia science teacher Greg Kiester by CapEd employee AnaMaria Morales. Morales, who graduated from CHS in 2013, was excited to return to her alma mater to support the teachers who had influenced her.  

Kiester’s award is for a project to study serology and blood spatter analyses. Students will learn what forensic investigators can surmise from the presence of blood spattering at a crime scene. They will then type their own blood and use what they have learned to solve a murder case. 

Getting this grant helps me add hands-on activities for students,” Kiester said. “Students will be able to interact and see firsthand the concepts we are studying in the classroom!”


Additional Opportunities

For students: In conjunction with Boise Dev and Corwin Ford, CapEd sponsors a Great Student Award that deposits $200 into an Idaho College Savings Account for a selected student of the week. At the end of the year, big winners are selected to receive larger scholarships.

For teachers: The Educator Home Loan, for educators buying their first home, will finance 100 percent of the purchase price plus pay the PMI.

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