Community Partnership Spotlight: Safe Routes to School

Treasure Valley Safe Routes to School is sponsored by Valley Regional Transit, the area’s public transportation authority. The program focuses on educating and encouraging kids across the Treasure Valley to walk and bike to school.

The goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle while also reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality, and enhancing the quality of life in our communities.   

The Safe Routes to School partnership consists of classroom lessons about walking and biking safety, bicycle and scooter skills courses, observing pick-up and drop-off times to help with congestion and safety, performing walk and bike audits in and around a school for new infrastructure opportunities, and helping coordinate walk and bike to school days.  

By partnering with schools and local agencies that build and maintain streets and sidewalks, organizers hope to ensure that all students have the same opportunities to walk and bike in their neighborhoods.

“We partner with NSD because you care about your students’ and community’s safety,” said Alex Hackett, VRT’s Canyon County coordinator. “This partnership also allows for learning and exercise opportunities for students in a fun and interactive experience.”

In Their Own Words

In October, we partnered with Willow Creek Elementary to plan and execute a bike skills course at the school’s Safety Saturday event. In addition to providing bikes and scooters for kids to ride, we donated 30 helmets of various sizes to hand out to kids who needed them. Attendees learned about bike and pedestrian safety, observed the annular solar eclipse, and got to learn more about our community’s health and safety providers.    

How to Connect   

Contact Alex Hackett via e-mail at [email protected] or learn more by exploring their website at