Voluntary Device Protection

📚💻 Did you know about the Nampa School District's $25 Voluntary Device Protection plan? It's a fantastic way to ensure peace of mind for our 6th to 12th-grade students' devices.
With this plan, the first hiccup or accident is covered at no cost and any further incidents will only set you back $25 each. And guess what? This coverage will take you all the way through to the next school year! 📅
Choosing not to opt for this plan? No worries, but please keep in mind the fees:
1️⃣ Basic Repair (Think: Camera, Plastics, Charger) -- $30 per incident
2️⃣ Complex Repair (Keyboard, Motherboard, Screen) -- $150 per incident
3️⃣ Replacement -- $480
Ensure your student's tech tools are protected for a smooth, uninterrupted learning journey! 🛡️💪