CTE Diplomas Recognize Career Readiness

Nampa School District is excited to recognize 236 graduating students who have earned a Workforce Readiness and Career Technical Education (CTE) Diploma for 2023. This designation acknowledges that CTE programs enhance s student’s high school experience and help prepare them for the demands of today’s employers, regardless of their path.  

Like all high school students, those enrolled in CTE programs need to meet the academic requirements established by the District and State Boards of Education in order to receive this designation. In addition, they also must demonstrate their increased level of college and career readiness by:

1. Completing a CTE pathway that culminates with a capstone course as a junior or senior
2. Passing the state-approved Technical Skills Assessment (TSA).
3. Passing the state-approved Workplace Readiness Assessment (WRA).
4. Earning all pathway micro-certifications (a recognized credential that confirms mastery of skills or concepts) with SkillStack or approved Industry Certification.

The CTE Diploma helps employers find qualified candidates for their hardest-to-fill positions, reduce the time and money invested in training new employees, and identify candidates who possess the employability skills needed in the workplace.

Find a list of Nampa students who earned this designation below.

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