Has Your Living Situation Changed?


Have you experienced a change in your living situation since the start of the school year? A change could potentially qualify you for McKinney-Vento services that ensure the educational rights and protections of children and youth experiencing homelessness.

Please fill out the form at https://nampa.school/MVForm to determine your eligibility if you are experiencing any of the following, or use the QR code on the right:

  • Doubled up with family or a friend
  • In a car, park, campground, public space, abandoned building, substandard housing or similar
  • In a motel or hotel
  • In a house or vehicle of any kind (including a camper) without running water, electricity or heat
  • In a shelter or transitional housing
  • Unaccompanied youth not living with a parent or legal guardian
  • Youth awaiting foster care (first 30 days in foster care)
  • Migratory children living in similar living conditions