Devices Will Save Irrigation Water Each Year

Nampa School District is partnering with Smart Rain to conserve water as it irrigates its 250 acres of landscaping each season. Smart Rain weather-based irrigation SmartControllers™ are being donated at no cost to Nampa schools by the Smart Rain for Smart Kids program. Smart Rain also donated an additional $10,000 to the Nampa School District.

Smart Rain for Smart Kids is a national program that aims to save water and fund schools. Nationally, Smart Rain's donation of SmartControllers™ equates to $213 million. This program is available to any public K-12 school in America.

“We're thrilled to bring our water-saving technology into the schools,” said Smart Rain Foundation Director Julie Larsen. “It is more important than ever to find ways to protect our children’s future. And this is one way we are very passionate about. Giving back for the benefit of kids.”

These controllers will not only help alleviate the effects of drought conditions on landscaping but also align with the district's conservation efforts. The installed school district systems are ready for operation, allowing for dramatic water savings starting Day One of the irrigation season.

"Nampa School District is pleased to partner with Smart Rain to more responsibly manage our water usage," said Nampa School District Director of Operations Cortney Stauffer. "With the ongoing drought conditions experienced throughout the Intermountain West, we appreciate an option that allows us to save water while still maintaining our many acres of landscaped grounds."