Teachers: Apply Now for Foundation Grants

Nampa School District teachers can apply for a grant from the Nampa Schools Foundation through Sunday, Dec. 4.

These grants are intended to help teachers effectively integrate new items into their classroom and school and/or help support ongoing classroom and school efforts. The competitive grant is designed to encourage innovation and collaboration among teachers as they expand their ability to integrate new ideas to impact student outcomes. The grant request must be consistent with the educational goals and priorities of the Nampa School District.

In general, funding will be directed toward well-conceived projects which

(1) impact multiple groups of students (more than just one classroom),

(2) prioritize collaboration within and between schools or grade levels,

(3) creatively use new ideas to impact district and school goals, particularly the implementation of the Idaho Core Standards, and

(4) demonstrate support from school leadership (administration and staff).

To apply, fill out the application found here.

Direct questions to [email protected].