144 Grads Receive Workforce Readiness and CTE Designation

One hundred forty-four NSD graduates are receiving the Workforce Readiness and Career Technical Education (CTE) seal on their Nampa School District diploma this year. The 2021 Idaho State Legislature created this recognition to acknowledge how CTE programs enhance students’ high school experience and prepare them for the demands of today’s employers.

Students are eligible for this designation if they have:

  • Passed the State Approved Technical Skills Assessment for their pathway
  • Passed the State Approved Workplace Readiness Assessment
  • Earned all pathways microcertifications with SkillStack or approved industry certification.

The Idaho Division of Career and Technical Education notes that, “Twenty-first-century graduates are expected to have more skills than ever before. Not only must they have strong academic skills in reading, math, and science, but they must also be able to apply these skills in the workplace. CTE programs are designed to ensure graduates obtain the academic and technical skills that give students multiple pathways to success.”

The 2021-2022 designees included: 

Isaiah Alejandro, Columbia, Emergency Medical Technician         

Jasmine Amador, Nampa, Emergency Medical Technician 

Daniela Banuelos, Columbia, Certified Nursing Assistant   

Dante Barnes, Nampa, Law Enforcement     

Mason Becker, Nampa, Power Sports/Small Engines          

Tamika Bledsoe, Nampa, Photography         

Gavin Boren, Nampa, Law Enforcement      

Kai Bowen, Skyview, Culinary         

Shayna Bronson, Columbia, Animal Science

Henry Bryant, Skyview, Ag Mechanics, Welding

Jose Jiro Bulanon, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician

Breanna Cahoon, Skyview, Emergency Medical Technician           

Josiah Campos, Nampa, Construction           

Marissa Castillo, Nampa, Early Childhood Education         

Jayse Cathcart, Columbia, Ag Mechanics, Auto Body Collision Repair

Brian Cervantes, Nampa, Emergency Medical Technician  

Camden Chandler, Skyview, Accounting, Marketing

Kiana Chavez, Nampa, Emergency Medical Technician      

Andrew Choate, Columbia, Pharmacy Technician   

Katrina Colby, Columbia, Certified Nursing Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician

Taylor Colman, Columbia, Animal Science 

Kayla Combe, Columbia, Animal Science    

Chase Conley, Columbia, Ag Mechanics      

Courtney Conley, Columbia, Animal Science          

Carson Conley, Columbia, Power Sports/Small Engine       

Gage Corder, Columbia, Ag Mechanics, Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair

Janellyn Cornejo, Nampa, Early Childhood Education        

Diego Corvera, Skyview, Rehabilitation Services    

Noah Cox, Columbia, Certified Nursing Assistant   

Kayla Cox, Nampa, Certified Nursing Assistant      

Abigail Cox, Columbia, Law Enforcement   

Nathaniel Crego, Skyview, Law Enforcement          

Dallas Currin, Skyview, Rehabilitation Services      

Paige Davis, NOVA, Rehabilitation Services           

Gustavo Diaz, Skyview, Welding     

Claire Dines, Skyview, Dental Assisting      

Matthew Doramus, Nampa, Power Sports/Small Engines    

Trenton Doty, Columbia, Ag Mechanics, Auto Body Collision Repair

Jace Down, Nampa, Rehabilitation Services

Trinity Durrant, Columbia, Photography      

Amillea Eccles, Nampa, Early Childhood Education

Cheyenne Fillmore, Columbia, Photography            

Logan Fitzen, Skyview, Broadcasting           

Nathan Freeman, Skyview, Culinary

Sydney Fuller, Nampa, Certified Nursing Assistant 

Madisson Furdui, Nampa, Certified Nursing Assistant        

Yesenia Garcia, Columbia, Certified Nursing Assistant       

Simon Graeber, Columbia, Power Sports/Small Engine       

Kaiya Green, Skyview, Accounting  

Ashton Hammack, Skyview, Law Enforcement, Desktop Support/Cyber Security

Autumn Harris, Nampa, Early Childhood Education

Brynn Heiner, Nampa, Certified Nursing Assistant  

Eli Hernandez, Nampa, Power Sports/Small Engines           

Karlee Herzberg, Columbia, Animal Science

Andrea Hogin, Skyview, Emergency Medical Technician, Rehabilitation Services

Jackson Horne , Skyview, Automated Manufacturing          

Ammon Horton, Nampa, Programming and Software Development

Camille Housel, Nampa, Law Enforcement                                      

Trenton Johnson, Columbia, Auto Body Collision Repair   

Brooke Johnson, Skyview, Emergency Medical Technician

Kierra Johnson, Nampa, Photography           

Quinton Justice, Skyview, Photography       

Bradley Kay, Nampa, Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair     

Delaney Keith, Skyview, Rehabilitation Services    

Logan Kershner, Skyview, Desktop Support/Cyber Security, Emergency Medical Technician

Carolyn Kielman, Skyview, Marketing         

Kasin Kooch, NOVA, Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair    

Elijah Laird, Nampa, Electronics Technology          

McKade Lanningham, Columbia, Power Sports/Small Engine        

Zack Lerdall, Nampa, Culinary         

Johana Lira, Skyview, Rehabilitation Services, Cosmetology

Parker Magnuson, Nampa, Law Enforcement          

Molly Mai, Skyview, Emergency Medical Technician         

Airam Malua, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant

Yadira Mancilla Ponce, Columbia, Cosmetology     

Kurt Marchand, Skyview, Welding   

Jayden Marion , Skyview, Emergency Medical Technician, Law Enforcement

Tristen Marsh, Skyview, Law Enforcement  

Lilian Masuca, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician

Seth McDaniel, Skyview, Desktop Support/Cyber Security, Programming and Software

Weston McElroy, Skyview, Marketing         

Bryce McNally, Nampa, Desktop Support/Cyber Security, Programming and Software


Miguel Mendoza, Columbia, Photography   

Irene Mier, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant    

Norah Mikkelson, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant     

Jesamyn Miller, Nampa, Cosmetology         

Alex Moulton, Columbia, Electronics Technology  

Andy Munoz, Skyview, Automated Manufacturing 

Crystal Napoles, Nampa, Business Management      

Marlenne Navarro Valdes, Nampa, Business Management  

Simon Nelson, Skyview, Automated Manufacturing Welding

Ashley Nunes, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant           

Ashley Olmos, Nampa, Emergency Medical Technician     

Preston Ong, Nampa, Emergency Medical Technician        

Nicolas Ortiz, Skyview, Marketing   

Brayden Orton , Columbia, Broadcasting      

Awndrea Parlin, Nampa, Early Childhood Education          

Cole Pearson, Skyview, Welding      

Sherlyn Pedraza, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant       

Natanael Pedro, Columbia, Broadcasting     

Isabella Pereira, Columbia, Certified Nursing Assistant       

Avery Peterson, Skyview, Dental Assisting  

Kayla Pittman, Columbia, Rehabilitation Services   

Austin Price, Skyview, Rehabilitation Services        

Victoria Prieto, Nampa, Dental Assisting     

Denise Puga, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant 

Samantha Quintanar, Nampa, Emergency Medical Technician       

Kalev Rasmussen, Skyview, Dental Assisting          

Jaiden Reitz, Skyview, Welding       

Lexi Robertson, Columbia, Dental Assisting

Zachary Robinson, Skyview, Emergency Medical Technician, Sports Medicine

Marina Rodrigues, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant    

Cody Rowley, Nampa, Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair   

Hallee Schelhaas, Skyview, Rehabilitation Services

Isabella Schlegel, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician

Ryker Scott, Nampa, Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair, Culinary

Max Self, Nampa, Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair, Automated Manufacturing

Hailey Seybert, Columbia, Photography       

Caleb Shaw, Skyview, Broadcasting 

Turner Simpson, Columbia, Construction     

Zachary St Clair, Nampa, Power Sports/Small Engines       

Emma Stanbrough, Skyview, Rehabilitation Services          

Dylan Steiger, Nampa, Welding       

Macie Stokes, Columbia, Education and Training, Photography

Gracie Studer, Columbia, Law Enforcement            

Ella Svaty, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant     

Isaac Taylor, Skyview, Culinary       

Brandon Taylor, Nampa, Power Sports/Small Engines        

Cannon Thiel, Nampa, Power Sports/Small Engines

Kacee Thompson, Columbia, Certified Nursing Assistant, Rehabilitation Services

Courtney Thueson, Columbia, Rehabilitation Services        

Samuel Tiffany, Nampa, Law Enforcement  

Sydney Tomaskovich, Nampa, Education and Training       

Ashtyn Vail, Skyview, Photography 

Jaime Vergara, Nampa, Auto Body Collision Repair, Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair

Connor Virak, Nampa, Emergency Medical Technician      

Emily Ward, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant 

Michaella Webster, Skyview, Dental Assisting        

Evan Wheeler, Nampa, Ornamental Horticulture     

Greta Williams, Columbia, Certified Nursing Assistant       

Logen Withers, Skyview, Certified Nursing Assistant         

Andi Wolf, Skyview, Emergency Medical Technician         

Elijah Wurst, Nampa, Pre-Engineering