UHS Student Headed for Honors Program

Like many seniors, Kay Alonzo is looking forward to graduation in May and attending college in the fall. But in a lot of ways, her journey is far from typical.

Kay will be a first-generation college student and the first Union High School graduate to be accepted into the Honors Program at Idaho State University, where she will study medical lab science. Union is an innovation high school in the Nampa School District.

“I’ve always strived to do my best in school and set myself up for a good future,” Kay said. “I have a huge passion for forensics and science in general. After serving in numerous internships while at Union, I’ve found a love for working in the lab.”

ISU’s program is rigorous, but Kay said she’s looking forward to the challenge. Being part of the Honors Program will allow her access to much needed individualized advising and mentoring, as well as access to undergraduate research opportunities.

Helping to make her dreams a reality, Kay has currently been awarded more than $8,000 in scholarships.


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