Secondary to Attend Four Days a Week Starting March 29

School Board Trustees met on Feb. 16 and made adjustments to the secondary school schedule, aligning it with the elementary schedule. Effective March 29 (the Monday after spring break), secondary students will attend school full-time, in-person four days a week, with Wednesday as a remote learning and intervention day.                                  


Will the district be able to physically distance on the buses? Due to the number of student riders, we will not be able to physically distance on the buses. Masks are still required and all current bus procedures will remain in place. 


What if I am uncomfortable sending my child back to a full classroom? If you have concerns, please contact your building administrator so alternate plans can be considered. 

How will you handle a possible increase in students coming back to buildings? We continue to monitor student movement and have a place for those who wish to return.  

Nutrition Services 

Does the district have enough nutrition services staff to offer breakfast and lunch at all secondary schools? No, we currently are looking to fill positions in our lunchrooms. Nutrition Services positions have been posted and candidates are being actively recruited. If you are interested in applying, visit https://Nampa.School/NutritionJobs. Until the staffing shortage is resolved, lunch menus may be modified slightly and be limited to one choice. 

Personal Protective Equipment  

Will students and staff still be required to wear a mask? Yes. Masks for both students and staff are still required as part of our reopening plan in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

Will individual schools enforce this? Yes, mask use will be enforced at all schools. Address any issues with your building administrator.  

Physical Distancing 

How will you keep students six feet apart in a full classroom? If class numbers are low enough to physically distance six feet, that is preferred. We recognize that in many classroom situations, physical distancing will not be possible and we will be relying on masking, frequent hand washing and having students stay home when they are sick.