PREP Program Welcomes Adopted Dairy Calf

This fall, the Nampa School District’s PREP Program was selected through a Discover Dairy grant to adopt an unborn calf at a dairy farm. Students have been learning about the dairy and farming process while eagerly awaiting the news that their calf had been born.

Upon the return to school on Jan. 19, their teacher, Jennifer Randolph, surprised them with the birth story, video and newborn pictures of their baby calf. Prep students named their new calf Pearl and made birth announcements for the class addition. 

Next week students will get a live virtual tour of the dairy and they’ll get to “meet” Pearl via Zoom. Throughout the coming year, PREP students will continue to follow Pearl and her development as a dairy cow. They’ll even receive a refrigerated overnight shipment of milk direct from Pearl once she’s old enough to begin the milking process. 

Welcome to the PREP Program Pearl!