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Survey and Employer Data

Covid-19 Reporting Numbers

NSD COVID-19 Data (District and Site Data):
In-state data are collected in a variety of ways from health district to health district across the state. Weekly reports of by-building confirmed cases are available. Across the U.S. reporting is varied, yet the CDC released a report in mid-September on trends among school-aged children.
SWDH is not able to break out tests by student age, just those with positive results. For the number of students in quarantine, please see the COVID-19 district webpage.
SWDH currently shows a daily incident rate per 10,000 people living in the Nampa School District as 6.854 (11/01-11/14). The NSD daily incident rate per 10,000 students and employees for the week of 11/1-14 is 3.845; if we look at the daily incident rate per 10,000 students and employees for the week of 11/8-14, it is 4.672.
Currently, the district has 18 employees with accommodations through ADA and is working with 12 additional staff members to review accommodations through ADA.

Along with reviewing ADA with current staff, we have 2 additional staff discussing a leave of absence and/or possible resignation.
If an employee has a medical disability and needs to request accommodations, the employee should contact HR to start an interactive process to begin ADA paperwork to review for possible reasonable accommodations.
During the past school year and into this current school year, we have identified the following actions due to COVID-related reasons:
  • Leave of Absence: 2
  • Resignation: 4
  • Retirement: 2
  • Reduced contract: 1

Social-Emotional Learning


The SWIS (Schoolwide Information System) data is based on the schoolwide expectations that are taught in each building that uses SWIS. It is a way of tracking minor and major behaviors that are used for data-based decision making for interventions at each tier of the multi-tiered system of supports.

Gaggle Data

Elementary Data 8/15/2020-11/01/2020
Secondary Data 8/15/2019 -11/01/2019 - We experienced our cyber-attack “tech glitch” during this time frame. We did not start deploying student devices until September 23, 2019, and did not complete the deployment for two weeks. Therefore, we only had a few weeks of data to report.
Secondary Data 8/15/2020-11/01/2020

Definition of Gaggle Terms:

PSS - Possible Student Situation: An immediate threat to a student, including student-produced pornography, violence, suicide, self-harm, bullying, rape, or harmful family situations.
QCON - Questionable Content: Not an immediate threat to a student, but cause for concern and brought to an Emergency Contact's attention.
User Violations: Minor profanity, insulting language, or inappropriate images.

COVID-19 Procedure Information

The CDC provides a number of guidelines and resources for schools. Use the links on the left-hand side of the CDC Schools and Child Care Program webpage or embedded in the content of the linked page to find more information.
Details of general screening process and FAQs. Each school has a more detailed plan. Currently, we are only taking temperatures in athletics. CDC does not necessarily recommend temperature screening because it can be masked with fever-reducing medication. We are using visual screening at this point.
Here is the School Decision Tree that Nurses are using. It is posted on the NSD Website.
The template schools use to plan for reopening on the top of page 8 outlines the illness response and details.
Our in-district contact tracing plan for students is currently outlined in the COVID 19 Addendum.pdf file provided below.
  • When parents/guardians notify the school teacher/nurse/office staff of a confirmed case the process of doing contact tracing is fairly efficient. There have been a few issues that we have encountered along the way.
    • Students who have symptoms that are less noticeable or can be treated with medication to limit symptoms are coming to school during their contagious period prior to testing. This increases the potential of spread.
    • Parents are not notifying the school of testing: regardless of a positive or negative test result and with the # of cases currently there is delay from notification from SWDH.
    • SWDH is being bombarded with confirmed and probable cases. They are behind so we have students who are done with their isolation period before SWDH makes their call to notify them of what to do. (too much community spread and not enough help at SWDH they are working tirelessly to support).
    • Even with a hybrid schedule we have classrooms that cannot facilitate a 6 ft distance. When there is an identified student who is positive case in a class like this there is a longer list of close contacts.
    • When students or staff receive a positive rapid test they often don’t appear in the system for SWDH until it makes it to the State Lab and is further tested. This slows down the process of calling out close contacts. This also slows our ability to stop the potential spread in the school.

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