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Terran Stuckey – Education Services

Terran wearing bright pink, leaning against shelf

“Embrace the crazy.” That’s Terran Stuckey’s advice for a happy life. Terran supports the executive director of secondary education at the District Office and helps sort out questions about advanced opportunities and open enrollment, among other duties.

In this and other roles in education, she’s definitely experienced her own share of crazy over the years. Prior to moving to Idaho in 2020, she worked as an administrative assistant at a middle school in her hometown of Sherwood, Oregon.

“I love the chaos of middle and high school kids,” she said, flashing her trademark smile. “That’s my jam.” 

She’s had plenty of practice with that as mom to three kids of her own, including 19-year-old Karter, 14-year-old Mason and 11-year-old Abi. She describes the trio as her “whole purpose in life.”

She freely admits she also contributed to a good share of chaos growing up as the oldest of four kids.

“They always looked up to me in the big sister role – but I didn’t always lead them down the right path,” she said, laughing. The siblings are all really close and she travels home often to visit them, her parents, and her four nephews and one niece.

She remembers her growing-up years with fondness. Her dad was an auto mechanic who ran his own small business, and her mom worked a couple of jobs to make ends meet. “We weren’t rich by any means, but we had enough,” she recalled.

Her dad was also a football coach who passed his love of the game on to his daughter, along with some pretty legit auto mechanic skills.

“I probably know more about football than most boys,” Terran brags, “and I can change tires, oil or headlights all by myself. Some people think I was born with a power tool in my hand.” 

Another family legacy is a special love for birthday celebrations, which were always “a big deal,” she said. “Not necessarily the parties or presents, just that it was your special day.”

It made such an impression on her that she grew up wanting to create special days for others, too. From the time she was 5 years old she asserted she wanted to be “the lady that makes the brides happy on their special day.” In short, she wanted to become a wedding planner before she even knew what that was. She’s planned eight weddings to date for friends and family and would love to do it professionally one day. 

For now, she contents herself with organizing and decorating her home and office and finding new DIY projects to keep busy. Her latest home project involved digging a hole in her yard to install a beautiful firepit. She also enjoys refinishing old furniture and finding creative ways to convert her visions to reality. If she can’t find what she wants, she makes it. 

And she LOVES being in the great outdoors – hiking, biking, floating the river, camping, hanging out by the pool, making snow angels and snowmen. You will also find her on the sidelines cheering on her kids’ multiple sports: soccer, football and track & field. All these activities take her to her happy place.

But life hasn’t always been an easy path for Terran. She lists her greatest accomplishment as the day she walked across the stage at her high school graduation with a 3.84 GPA as a single teenage mom. And then going on to earn her associate degree 18 months later from Mt. Hood Community College in … wait for it … event planning with a certificate in professional bridal consulting.  

“Knowing that I did it for me and didn’t let the limitations of my circumstances stand in my way – no one can ever take that away from me,” she said.

She’s also pretty stoked about being a two-time cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer at age 26, just after her daughter was born, and had emergency surgery when Abi was just 6 weeks old. But her joy was short-lived – just under two years later, the cancer came back in her ovary. She beat it again and still undergoes extensive yearly testing. 

“To stand and live life today knowing that I beat cancer twice is a big accomplishment,” she said. She’s grateful for this second chance, because there’s still a lot left that she wants to do – including some serious travel.

“Italy, Greece, New Zealand … I don’t have a reason for wanting to go other than, I just want to explore other countries. I find it fascinating. I would love to just spend a day in each country. It would be amazing!” 

Hopefully, she’ll have an interpreter close at hand. She admits that learning languages is not her special talent. “In high school Spanish I was politely told by my Spanish 2 teacher that he felt I was at the end of my rope.”

But Terran knows that life is full of new opportunities, and she intends to grab as many of them as possible. She intends to laugh and love and take as many chances as are offered to her. In the end, she hopes to be remembered as someone who made a difference; someone who made people laugh and smile, and someone who loved more than anything in the world.