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PowerSchool Sub

Secondary Elementary
  1. After you log onto the computer, click on the ClassLink icon on the desktop. 
  2. Login using your NSD username and password
  3. Click on PowerSchool Sub
PS Sub
  1. After you touch the home button on the iPad, touch the PowerSchool Sub icon
You will see the following login screen:
  • Use the top drop-down to select the school you will be substituting at.
  • Use the next drop-down to select the teacher you will be substituting for.
  • The office will give you the password to use.
PowerSchool Sub Signin
  1. For any period you are taking attendance, click on "the student at a desk" icon, above the icon in text you see Take Attendance and it will give a list of students in the classroom. The "3 students at a desk" icon is also the Seating Chart and it will give you a seating chart with student photos. Please do not change the teacher’s seating chart. The "fork and milk" icon are for Lunch Counts. We do not take Lunch Counts in PowerTeacher. You will not use these.
PS attendance
  1. To take attendance you will mark the child A for absent. T for Tardy. Please do not use the VL unless directed by the school. This is for Very Late.
  2. If all students are present you will still need to click on the correct period chair and then click Submit. This will mark the students Present for that period.

PS Sub attendance
  1. To take attendance using the seating chart, select the correct attendance code and then use the drop-down in the student photo to mark that student’s absence. You may choose to use the List view seating chart to take attendance and then use the student photo seating chart to match names with the student photo. Remember to click Submit, even if all students are present.
seating chart attendance
When you are finished in PowerTeacher please be sure to use the Sign Out in the upper right corner.