November 20 Update

November 20, 2020

Dear NSD Parent or Guardian,

It’s really hard to believe that we are nearing the end of November. It seems like days are long, but weeks fly by. 

I want to share a “thank you” to 10 of our parents who represented all NSD parents this last couple of weeks on a committee to explore benchmarks related to moving between online and hybrid while we are in the red category. Laura Zimmerman, Brook Taylor, Amy Bowman, Kristi Perales, Melissa Transtrum, Sharon Tanner, Chandra Reyna, Jaimee Toscano, Kyler James, and Jean Mutchie served on this committee. These parents were chosen so that five of them were in support of staying hybrid and five were in support of moving online while we are in the red category. To sum it up – they were amazing. We are so grateful for their willingness to give us their time.

We secured an outside facilitator who worked with this group of parents and teachers and will present their recommendation to the Board of Trustees. Their recommendation will be considered by the Board of Trustees at a special meeting next week. A Zoom link will be available for all who would like to attend the meeting, since we are working to comply with the Governor’s Stage 2 order limiting the number of people in a gathering.  


We know this has been a difficult season and there are so many things to consider as our board deliberates over our next steps.  Whatever the decision, please realize they are listening to, learning from, evaluating, and considering each piece of information so that our district can move forward. 


Regardless of the outcome, we do know that we need your help. The number of COVID-19 cases in our community and our schools is spiking. Just this week, NSD moved five schools to remote/online learning because we were not able to staff the buildings due to COVID-19 related circumstances.


Together, we can work to address this. How? Ask your children. They are incredible and are following protocols because they love being in school. We love having them in school. They can lead us in understanding why it’s important to follow some simple guidelines – physical distancing, masking up, washing hands, and staying home when we aren’t feeling well. Working together, we can stop the spread in our community, supporting our schools, community and the economy.


Remember, next week we have two days of school. Please monitor your email over the break in case there are important directions or announcements that may impact your student(s).

With regard,


Dr. Paula Kellerer

Nampa School District