October 23 Parent Update

Oct. 23, 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians of Nampa School District Students, 


Although we could spend some time discussing areas where there is disagreement and angst, today I wanted to spend a little time reviewing the good. 


  1. We have successfully completed the first quarter in our middle and high schools.We are currently evaluating the positive aspects of our first completely virtual parent-teacher conferences. In addition, we are beginning the work of comparing student progress so far this year with last year. This will help us make appropriate adjustments. 
  2. We had over 2,000 participants in our parent survey.Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts with us! Our third party is now analyzing the results. (We did have a glitch where some parents forwarded the survey to individuals outside of our district – so we are trying to determine the extent to which our results are valid).  
  3. Our board responded to parent input and made some changes to the calendar.October 30 is now a student day and November 2 is a non-student contact day. Thank you for your feedback. Our calendar committee will look at the spring semester so that we can avoid similar situations if we happen to still be in hybrid schedule.  
  4. We are planning for the end of the trimester with our elementary students and look forward to our elementary parent-teacher conferences coming up in November.
  5. Our teachers are doing amazing things as they work to engage students both at homeand in the classroom. They are extraordinary individuals who, despite the negative comments and challenges that often come their way, are focused on student learning and on doing the right thing for all students. They deserve our gratefulness. 
  6. Parents also arefocused on doing the right thing for their students. We deeply appreciate your partnership in your child’s education during this difficult time. 
  7. We have multiple partners throughout our community working with us to support our students.These include St. Lukes (vaccinations for students and staff), Boys and Girls Club of Nampa (safe places for students to be when their parents are at work), and the Chamber of Commerce (masks and water bottles for our students). We are blessed in these partnerships. 


What are we working on? 


We continue to update our COVID-19 statistics weekly. Last week, we had 16 students and 3 employees with new documented cases of COVID-19. If any of these cases were in your child’s school, you received a letter from the district. In additionwe had 14 employees and 87 students who were identified as close contacts with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. These individuals are in quarantine. Fifty-seven of the students who were identified as a close contact were quarantined as a result of contact with someone at an event outside the district, such as a family gathering, party, get-together, etc.  


We are in the process of examining our reopening plan in light of additional guidance from the Idaho State Board of Education this week. In addition, we are collecting information from surrounding districts as we continue to learn what is working and what is not.  


We are working on a companion survey for our secondary students to participate in so that we can learn more about their perspective on their learning this year. 


We sent several important messages this week through Remind – we hope that you were able to review them. We shared about the calendar change mentioned above, how to access Otus, and information on how to access Strong Families, Strong Students money from the state of Idaho. If you need a letter documenting your child’s attendance, please connect with your school.  


Finally, we want to encourage each of us to take a moment to inventory the things that are going well and to spend some time in gratitude. We commit to continue to work on the areas that can be divisive with that same spirit of gratitude that reminds us that we all are in this together. 


With Regard, 


Paula Kellerer 


Dr. Paula Kellerer 
Nampa School District