September 25 Update

Dear NSD Parents, guardians and families, 


This has been an amazing week – or at least a history-making week. Our first week in hybrid instruction. In many ways we experienced our second “first days” with students. As we walked buildings, it was clear that families had worked together with teachers to pre-teach many key expectations. Many students were already comfortable with the processes we have implemented to keep staff and students safe in hallways, lunchrooms, classrooms, buses, restrooms and more. Thank you for partnering with your schools to make this a successful week.   


What is more important is that there was “life” in our buildings again.  We love seeing our students and having them in our buildings.  For the most part, students were excited to see friends and meet their teachers in person.  Many of them commented they were excited to be back in school!  


As a district, we will now turn our attention to next steps.  We will begin exploring how we can bring more students back to campus in a safe way based on key data points and substantial need. As we talk about this, remember that we are prepping and preparing for next steps. We are exploring what is possible and looking forward to potential next steps.   As a reminder, in order to have all students back on campus full time, our plan indicates we need to be in the GREEN category. As we think about ideas, we want to remind you we have NOT thrown out our commitment to providing safe environments for staff and students.   


We continue to meet weekly with Southwest District Health. We are monitoring state, county and local statistics. We are watching trends in Idaho and in states near us (Malheur County, Oregon, as an example). We are watching Idaho districts and their COVID stories – reaching out and learning from them. Our comprehensive mitigation strategies (physical distancing, masking, hand and respiratory hygiene and staying home when sick) are working well in a lot of places. We have a good plan, and it is working well as we move into week two of hybrid learning. 


In an attempt to keep parents informed regarding our intentional focus on social emotional learning (SEL), our Teaching and Learning team has shared this video with you. This basic information about how the brain works is important for all of us to be aware of as we continue to deal with the stress and uncertain times we are facing.   


As we end this first week, we want to thank you for your patience as we walk down this uncharted pathWe know this transition has brought change to your families and homes once again.  We hope the movement back toward full-time, face-to-face instruction has been a positive experience for your students. We look forward to the time when we can all be back on campus together. 


With regard,




Dr. Paula Kellerer 
Nampa School District