September 11 Update

Dear Parents and Guardians of the Nampa School District,


Thank you for your support and feedback in the first three weeks of school. We are excited that we will soon have the opportunity to welcome your children back to our campuses – even if it is only for two days a week. 


Today, we just want to reiterate some answers to questions that we are hearing. 

  1. WEEKLY EXPECTATIONS.Expect your child’s teacher to continue to post the week’s expectations no later than Monday morning.  This includes learning outcomes, assignments, expectations, and any appropriate reminders for the week. 
  2. SAFETY PROTOCOLS.Your child’s school is reviewing and practicing safety protocols that will be implemented to protect both staff and students. These include physical distancing, cohorting (grouping small numbers of students together to limit exposure), masks and hand hygiene. 
  3. FEELING ILL?You can help us by keeping your student home if they are not feeling well, and particularly if they are experiencing COVID symptoms. Please also keep them home if they have been a close contact to a CONFIRMED case of COVID-19. Close contact is defined as being within six feet of the individual for more than 15 minutes. If you have a question or need some clarity, call your school. 
  4. SCHEDULE. Your student will attend school in person either on Monday and Thursday OR Tuesday and Friday. Generally, students whose last names begin with A-L will attend Monday and Thursday (BLUE or X schedule). Last names beginning with M-Z will attend on Tuesday and Friday (GOLD or Y). Exceptions to this can include families whose children have multiple last names or students who, according to their IEP, will attend four days a week. Your school will communicate with you concerning which days your child will attend. In addition, if your student is in grades 6-12, PowerSchool identifies your students either as an X or Y schedule on the Bell Schedule page. If you need to modify this schedule, please contact your school.
  5. BUSING. Busing will be provided as normal. Our bus routes will run each day except for Wednesday. Students with last names A-L will ride on Monday and Thursday, students with last names M-Z will ride on Tuesday and Friday. For the most part, the routes will run exactly the same stops on these days. Students must wear masks or face coverings on the bus. The bus will be loaded from the back to the front to reduce exposure. Buses will run at approximately half capacity to increase the opportunity to physically distance. 
  6. SHUTTLE BUSING will continue to be provided between our comprehensive high schools to accommodate special programs held on other campuses. 
  7. LUNCH. Lunch will be served on our campuses for students who are in attendance. We will continue to serve lunches to go for those students who are learning at home.
  8. PHYSICAL DISTANCING. Each school has a plan to implement physical distancing to the extent that it is possible. This would include recess times, before and after school, passing periods and lunch times.  
  9. LEARNING AT HOME. Expectations for learning on days when a student is at home remain the same. Teachers will outline expectations for the week on Monday. Some of the items to be accomplished will be completed while a child is at school, some while they are at home. Remember, your child’s teacher is now teaching face to face all day long; the daily schedule at home will change a bit.
  10. DEVICE INSURANCE. We strongly encourage families to consider taking out device insurance. The cost is $23 for the entire year. If devices are lost, stolen or damaged, this insurance protects families from the replacement cost of a device.See details at
  11. FLIPPED CLASSROOMS.  One instructional strategy that you will likely see used on several occasions in the hybrid model is called Flipped Instruction. This model can help us maximize the time we have with students in the face-to-face world. In this model, students could expect to watch an online lecture, review online course material, read physical or digital materials, participate in an online discussion, or perform research while they are at home. When they come to the building, they might expect skill practice, in-person discussion, debate, presentations, station learning, lab experiments, and peer assessment and review.

More information will be coming from your school. Teachers will begin teaching expectations for the hybrid model on Thursday and Friday of next week.  

Finally, we are receiving lots of questions from parents who would prefer to keep their children at home. If that is the case, we strongly urge you to apply for NOVA.  Our classroom teachers will NOT be able to teach face to face every day and maintain the same virtual instruction and presence that you have been accustomed to over the last few weeks. If you do not want to send your students to school, we support you in that. However, we ask that you enroll at NOVA. We cannot ask our staff to work two separate jobs during the hybrid model.  


We are excited to see students face to face. If you have specific questions about your school, please reach out to your principal after Monday. 


With regard, 




Dr. Paula Kellerer
Nampa School District