Moving to Orange Category

September 9, 2020 


Dear NSD Parents and Guardians, 


I am writing tonight to let you know that SWDH has officially moved Canyon County to the Orange. According to our published plan, we will now work toward beginning our blended (hybrid) schedule on Monday, September 21. We believe we are now at a place where we can provide a safe environment for staff and students. One important caveat to this news is the announcement that SWDH will make next Wednesday, September 16. Although we don’t anticipate this, if SWDH puts us back into the Red category, NSD may postpone the blended opening. NOTE: Unfortunately, if cases rise due to Labor Day, next Wednesday is likely to be the day we see that reflected in a color category. 


The blended/hybrid schedule is described below.  Please understand that this is another new form of instructional delivery for our staff and your student(s).  Although staff have had some training, you, your student and our staff will be learning together.  Our platforms will remain the same, your child’s teacher will remain the same, but the focus will shift to in-person instruction. Your child will attend school two days a week and will be expected to continue working on lessons the other 3 days of the week at home/daycare. This is NOT a move to only 2 days of instruction – this is a move to 2 days of face-to-face instruction combined with three days of expectations to be completed online or at home. 


Students served on an IEP will transition to whatever their Digital Learning Plan outlines when we are in a blended learning environment. For some of our students on IEPs, this means they will be attending 4 days a week. 


What if parents don’t feel comfortable returning to school?    

  • Please speak with your classroom teacher.  Your teacher may be able to provide you details that can ease your concerns. 
  • Please speak with your school principal.  Our schools will have detailed plans to ensure students are able to physical distance when appropriate, wear face coverings, and sanitize our buildings. 
  • Lastly, we do have an online learning option available if you and your family would like to continue in a digital environment. Please see 


As we look forward to welcoming students back to our campuses, it is very important that you and your family continue to care for yourself and work to implement the CDC guidelines. Keeping everyone healthy will keep our schools open and moving in the right direction. There are several schools in our area that are experiencing positive cases and quarantines as a result of those cases. 


A few next steps ... 

  1. Your building, unless they have already done so, will be communicating with you to ensure you know which days your students will be expected to attend school in person. 
  2. BLUE or X days are Monday and Thursday. GOLD or Y days are Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday remains a day without students in the building unless special arrangements have been made for remediation, CTE experiences or special education needs. BLUE days are generally associated with families whose last names begin with A-L. GOLD days are associated with families whose last names begin with M-Z. There will be exceptions as we work to accommodate parent needs and equalize class sections. 
  3. As a reminder, face coverings are mandatory for all staff and students. The only exceptions are those medical exceptions documented through an IEP or 504 plan. If you have documentation and would like to consider a 504 plan, please connect with your building administrator.  
  4. For students who are on IEPs, we will begin the transition to blended learning as outlined in their Digital Learning Plans – this may mean that some students will be with us 4 days a week.  Generally, students with IEPs will attend only 2 days unless their digital learning plan outlines another expectation. 
  5. Traditional high schools will move to a straight 8 bell schedule with students attending all 8 of their classes each day they are physically in the building. This will also impact the schedule for NOVA, since NOVA shares staff. UHS and TVLA will communicate with parents regarding any schedule changes. 
  6. We have prepared the high school transfer buses to deliver students between campuses before school, after second period, after fourth period, after sixth period, and at the end of the day. 
  7. Yes, we will teach students in the online format next week as we prepare to go blended starting September 21. 
  8. Starting Thursday, September 10, the district will adopt the USDA program for free meal service.  Additional details will be shared separately.  
  9. Middle school athletic practices will begin as early as Sept. 14. Your building administrator will share more information.  
  10. We will communicate other details as they become available. 

Words of Amazement.  Your NSD staff has really gone above and beyond to deliver a quality online experience for all students. As with any year, we have had to address glitches. Overall, our staff has done an amazing job connecting with and teaching students. 


Words of Encouragement – Just as we were getting into a rhythm with wholly online, we will now get an opportunity to learn again in the blended model. Let’s continue to move forward with grace and kindness – for students, for parents, for community members, for staff and each other. 


Thank you for your support of Nampa Schools. 

With regard, 


Paula Kellerer 
Nampa School District