October 2018

Below is a recap of the Oct. 9, 2018, Nampa School Board meeting. Supporting documents can be found at www.boarddocs.com/id/nsd131/Board.nsf/Public.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. In attendance were Chairman Allison Westfall and trustees Heather Lewis, Janelle Stauffer, Mandy Simpson and Kim Rost. 

Lake Ridge Principal Steve LaBau poses with students Jude Sears, Alex Alfars, Lana Sim and Camden Burey.
Student Spotlight: Steve LaBau, Principal of Lake Ridge Elementary School, talked about project based learning, where students build learning on real-world experiences. He then introduced second-graders Jude Sears, Alex Alfaro, Lana Sim and Camden Burey, who shared their project based learning reports from a trip to the Deer Flat National Refuge. Jude presented on red-tailed hawks, Alex presented on true sedge, Lana presented on coyotes and Camden presented on mullein. The school will host a project based learning night at from 5:30-7 p.m. on October 15.

Student Support Group Comments: Stephen Rudy from the Idaho PTA wished the district a happy 131st year. He shared that the PTA sponsored a training this fall and said they were looking forward to the district’s Culinary Arts program once again sponsoring this year’s Legislative Day at the Capitol. He also said that the PTA is working on the possibility of bringing on Nampa student interns. Finally, he reported that the PTA is planning a dine out night soon to raise money to help support homeless youth.

Nampa Education Association Comments: Nampa Education Association President Eric Maine shared appreciation for the opportunity to address the board, community and teachers. The association is looking forward to moving to a new bargaining method and was pleased that supply cards were issued to teachers as a result of the emergency levy. A training in evaluation process was recently held at the three traditional high schools. The NEA was happy with the positive feedback they received and is planning on holding additional training sessions at elementary and middle schools in the future.
Trustee Comments: Trustee Rost shared that the graduation requirements committee met recently. They have determined dates for the roundtables and the One Drive files have been shared to provide feedback. Trustee Simpson shared that she enjoyed the Kindness Fair activities. Trustee Stauffer shared that she was pleased with the kindness displayed by the community during Kindness Week. The committee is meeting to debrief on the activities of the week. The trauma response network committee is continuing to meet. Their goal is to be able to respond to mass trauma caused primarily by mental health issues. Trustee Lewis shared that she and her family enjoyed the Kindness Day festival. The behavioral health group has begun meeting; she will share progress going forward. Chairman Westfall shared that she recently attended an Idaho School Board Association regional meeting. The 2019 resolutions were discussed and local legislators were in attendance to hear feedback from trustees.

CONSENT AGENDA: The following consent agenda items were approved by the board.

A. Approval of Minutes: Regular Board Meeting – September 11, 2018
B. Approval of Minutes: Special Board Meeting – September 25, 2018
C. September and October Enrollment Reports
D. Approval of Monthly Personnel Report
E. Approval of Accounts Payable & Student Activity Funds Reports
F. Canyon County Statement of Receipts – August 31, 2018
G. Approval of Employee Handbook
H. Approval of 6-12 Social Studies Curriculum Adoption Committee Members
I. Disposal Notification – Skyview High School
J. Approval of Memorandum of Understanding with WICAP – Nampa Early Childhood Learning Center
K. Approval of Winter Sports and Activity Schedules Nampa High School


State Bullying Data Report: Anita Christenson Koons, assessment administrator, presented the state bullying data. She shared that school-level data is reported to the district office monthly; the district then submits the aggregate data to the state annually. Only bullying incidents that result in a formal consequence are reported. She discussed the definition of bullying, and the training that is given to staff to be able to determine when an incident is bullying and not just unkind behavior. She shared that the staff has focused on kindness and positive behavior intervention and she highlighted a decrease in middle-school incidents last year.

Idaho School Boards Association Resolution Discussion: Chairman Westfall reported that trustees will have the opportunity to vote on 13 resolutions at the upcoming convention. Trustee Stauffer asked Superintendent Kellerer to discuss the resolutions that she would prioritize. Superintendent Kellerer shared that the district has supported resolution number 1, salary based apportionment for classified salaries. Resolution number 5, full funding of kindergarten, is a struggle for the legislature. She expressed a concern with resolution number 10, recourse for charter school renewals. As there is law that should be followed, in her opinion this legislation is unnecessary. Resolution number 13, flexibility of misassignment in teacher assignments, is not being supported by ISBA; she agrees that it should not be supported. Chairman Westfall asked Director of Finance Randy Dewey to share his thoughts on resolution number 9, transportation reimbursement. He shared that he supports this resolution.

Enrollment Reporting Discussion: Director of Information Services Peter Jurhs shared an internal enrollment and attendance dashboard that has been created for administrators. Superintendent Kellerer asked trustees for feedback on the possibility of changing from the current monthly enrollment report to the dashboard. Trustees shared that they feel the current enrollment report includes important information that helps drive their decision-making process. They shared uncertainty that the dashboard would provide the information in the same way. Trustees also said that they would like the report to include building capacity information.

Monthly Budget Status Report: There were no questions regarding the monthly budget report.


Second Reading Revised Policy #1020 – Continuous Improvement Plan: This policy was approved for a second and final reading.


Superintendent Comments: Superintendent Paula Kellerer recognized attorney Mark Hilty, who provided an update on a 43-acre property owned by the district on Airport Road. Recently, an adjoining homeowner approached the county to subdivide her property, and at that time an administrative error was discovered regarding the previous subdivision that included the district property. The error does not impact the value of the property. Mr. Hilty will review the paperwork and work with administration to correct the error.
Superintendent Kellerer shared that she and Trustee Westfall are working on the schoolhouse initiative. Invitations will be sent to business leaders soon; the first meeting is scheduled for October 26. She also shared that she and Assistant Superintendent Gregg Russell have access to the revised funding formula. They are unable to forward the tool, but if trustees are interested in using it they are welcome to do so at the district office.

Trustee Comments: Trustee Rost invited everyone to a meet and greet she is hosting for Molly Lenty, who is running for College of Western Idaho Trustee. It is at the Peppershock Media Office. She also said she has a spreadsheet created for the facilities use committee. Chairman Westfall said she was excited to see social studies curriculum adoption on the Consent Agenda. She also is pleased about the Head Start partnership at the pre-school.
Upcoming Meetings: A board work session is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Oct. 23 to look at facilities needs and get an update on IRI scores, and the next regular meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 13.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.