May 2018

The Nampa Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of each month. Below is a recap of the May 8, 2018, meeting.

6:30 PM - Work Session
Budget workshop


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were Chairman Allison Westfall and trustees Janelle Stauffer, Mandy Simpson and Kim Rost. The Zone 5 seat is currently vacant.

Student Spotlight - Union Big Picture High School: Union Principal Carleen Schnitker introduced a group of Union students who gave a short presentation on how the public, innovation high school has changed their lives.

Union High School students hold signs expressing how the school has affected their lives.

Nampa Education Association Comments: NEA President Terri Bentley reported that this will be her last board presentation as she is retiring at the end of the school year. She announced that next year’s NEA board consists of Eric Maine, president; Veronica Maple, vice president; Kim Emerson, treasurer; Samantha Eichner, secretary; and Michelle Tanberg, membership chair. Terri also commented on the upcoming Teacher of the Year celebration held jointly with the district at Skyview High School on May 10; 23 teachers will be recognized. She closed by noting the teachers and district officials are in the midst of teacher contract negotiations and hope to wrap up soon.

Trustee Comments: Trustee Stauffer participated in last week’s Community Conversation on suicide prevention. About 125 community members attended. Trustee Simpson said she will be attending the Teacher of the Year celebration. Trustee Rost enjoyed attending several district and community events, including an education award from NNU for Superintendent Paula Kellerer, the Community Conversation, and the Boys and Girls Club dinner.

Public Comments: One patron signed up to address the board and was asked to present his comments during New Business.


Trustee Rost moved that Item L be removed from the Consent Agenda for further discussion. The remainder of the agenda was approved. Following discussion on the bid process for playground equipment funded by the recent levy, Item L was approved.

A. Approval of Minutes: Regular Board Meeting - April 10, 2018
B. Approval of Minutes: Special Board Meeting - April 10, 2018
C. Approval of Minutes: Special Board Meeting - April 30, 2018
D. Approval of Monthly Personnel Report
E. Approval of Accounts Payable & Student Activity Funds Reports
F. Canyon County Statement of Receipts - March 30, 2018
G. May Enrollment Report
H. Approval of Preston Capell Loan Awards
I. Approval of Graduation Requirement Committee Members
J. Approval of Nutrition Services Bid Award
K. Approval of Custodial & Light Maintenance Services Bid Award
L. Approval of Playground Equipment Replacement Bid Award
M. South Middle School Roof Replacement & Repair Bid Award
N. Disposal of Excess Curricular Materials


Student Achievement Update - Elementary Math Benchmarks: Cindy Dion, elementary math content coordinator, reported on the move to quarterly assessments. She explained how assessments are conducted, where the data is found and how questions are asked. Included were the benefits and limitations of using interim assessments to help design instruction.

Approval of Communication/Speech Curriculum: Brenda Suchy, secondary ELA content coordinator, presented the recommendation of the curriculum committee for new communication/speech curriculum. The committee looked at several open education resources (OER) and recommends “Stand Up, Speak Out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking.”

Curriculum Audit Update: Laurie Maughan, director of curriculum and instruction, reported on progress on recommendations from the district curriculum audit completed three years ago. Next steps include a system of benchmark assessments, ongoing policy updates, a curriculum management plan, implementing NIFT districtwide, continued growth of instructional leadership, and implementation of recommendations from the districtwide communications audit.

High School Intervention Schedule Update: Scott Parker, executive director of secondary education, high school principals Diana Molino (NHS) and Will Barber (SHS), and vice principal Nick Stern (CHS) reported on the role and implementation of intervention and enrichment sessions in the high schools. Part of the work around professional learning teams involves 100 minutes of intervention for students in grades 6-12 needing extra help, or enrichment for students who are caught up and doing well. District teams are working on program goals and measures of success.

Supplemental Contract Employee Hiring & Evaluation Process Update: Supplemental contract employees include coaches and similar positions. Applicants must go through a series of steps, including background checks, fingerprinting, reference checks and blind reference checks. Some positions have additional requirements, including concussion and CPR training. Once an employee is hired, they undergo regular evaluations.

Public Comment: Mr. Belcastro expressed concern with the open enrollment process and asked that it be reviewed. He said he disagreed with the application and decision-making process and asked that it be reviewed

Twice Monthly Board Meetings: Trustees discussed the idea of moving from once-monthly to twice-monthly regular meetings, either on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, or the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. They will revisit the idea at the June meeting.

Board Legal Counsel Discussion: Board counsel Bud Yost informed the board that he will be closing his practice and joining the White Peterson law office, effective Sept. 1. He discussed legal retainer options.

2019 ISBA Resolution Discussion: The board discussed options for 2019 resolutions.

Monthly Budget Status Report: The board had no questions about the monthly budget report.

Trustee Vacancy: The board voted to accept the resignation of Trustee Mike Fuller (Zone 5) and moved to direct the administration to follow the process outlined in agenda materials for advertising to vacancy. Applicants are asked to submit materials by 5 p.m. June 1. Finalists will be interviewed at the June 12 work session. Information is available at


Third Reading Policy #1200 Annual Organizational Meeting: The board voted not to forward this policy, which is a duplication of Idaho State Code Section 33-512.

Third Reading Policy #1205 School Board Powers and Duties: The board voted to delete the reference in this policy to Policy #1200 and added a line referring to Idaho State Code.

Second Reading Policy #8115, #8130, #8140, #8170, #8185 and #8195: These policies were accepted for a second and final reading.

Revised Policy #2420 - Title I Parent Involvement: This policy is required to be reviewed annually.

Revised Policy #3060 - Education of Homeless Children: This policy is required to be reviewed annually.


Superintendent Comments: Superintendent Kellerer recognized Terri Bentley for her leadership with NEA and her service to the district. She also noted that Assistant Superintendent Gregg Russell successfully defended his doctorate and is now Dr. Russell. She gave the board an update of district administration changes for next year. She discussed why some potential graduates are listed as “uncertain” in the graduation reports – these are the students awaiting final grades, and most will go on to graduate. Finally, she reviewed three bills passed by this year’s Legislature: HB648 requires districts to offer computer science as an elective; SB1266 removed senior math from code, but not from rule (meaning it is still required); and HB443 encouraged districts to provide firearm safety classes, but does not require it.

Upcoming Meetings: Special meetings are scheduled for May 15 and May 30. The next regular board meeting is June 12.

The board recessed into executive session at 10:17 p.m. to consider the Superintendent's evaluation, which was then approved in open session.