June 2018

The Nampa Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of each month. Below is a recap of the June 12, 2018, meeting. Supporting documents can be found at https://www.boarddocs.com/id/nsd131/Board.nsf/Public.

6 p.m. – Work Session
Trustees interviewed three finalist candidates for the vacant Zone 5 seat.

CALL TO ORDER: 7:30 p.m. 

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were Chairman Allison Westfall and trustees Janelle Stauffer, Mandy Simpson and Kim Rost. 

Student Support Organization Comments – Jeff Dunlap, Skyview Band Boosters: Jeff Dunlap reported on the Hawks’ successful competition season, including the band’s 4A first-place award at the annual District III competition. The band lost only 10 seniors, but will welcome 30-40 freshmen next year, for a total of about 120 band members.

Trustee Comments: Trustee Simpson attended a funding formula public forum. She reminded everyone that comments will be accepted from all stakeholders until June 30 at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/C6CW9BD. Trustee Rost spent time at Columbia High School helping to set up their pantry. She is excited about the work done this year to establish pantries in the schools. Trustee Stauffer reported on the progress of the Student Assistance Task Force, which works to heighten awareness of suicide. The task force is partnering with the Boys and Girls Club Community Day on a Kind Fest. She also commented on plans to bring a therapy dog to Roosevelt Elementary. Chairman Westfall thanked the other trustees for their participation in recent graduation ceremonies and for the time they devoted to special board sessions. 


The men’s and women’s soccer and volleyball schedules for Skyview High School (under item K) were removed from the consent agenda because they are from last year. The revised agenda was approved by the board.

A. Approval of Minutes: Regular Board Meeting - May 8, 2018
B. Approval of Minutes:  Special Board Meeting  - May 15, 2018
C. Approval of Minutes:  Special Board Meeting - May 30,  2018
D. Approval of Monthly Personnel Report
E. Approval of Accounts Payable & Student Activity Funds Reports
F. Canyon County Statement of Receipts - April 30, 2018
G. June Enrollment Report
H. Equipment Usage Request
I. Lunch Price Increase
J. Graduation Requirement Committee Member Approval
K. 2018-2019 School Year Activity & Athletic Schedule Approval
L. Information Services Disposal of Surplus Equipment – June 2018
M. Laptop Sleeve Bid Approval
N. Facilities Committee Update


Student Achievement Update - Nampa Personalized Learning: Chad Longley, coordinator of digital learning programs, reported on NPL successes. We will be entering our third year of NPL in the fall. With the onboarding of new schools, all of our secondary schools will now have one-to-one devices. In addition, administrators and teachers have access to a SharePoint site that offers tools and resources. Observers noted high levels of engagement in NPL schools, with devices being used to improve teaching and learning. Teacher-level data and student feedback are being used to measure success. New teachers are being prepared using a train the trainer model.

Approval of Elementary Literacy Intervention Materials: Elementary ELA Coordinator Tammy Stefan reported on the committee’s work to select new ELA intervention materials that will be more equitable for students. Thirty different material options were screened before the committee narrowed choices for a deeper dive. Using feedback and survey results, the following resources were recommended: SIPPS and Really Great Reading, iRead (K-2), Core 5 (3-5), Read Naturally (2-5), and Wilson/Foundations and System 44 (intensive needs).

Innovation School Performance Report - Treasure Valley Leadership Academy: TVLA Principal Emmett Wemp reported on TVLA’s first year. The school’s primary funding comes from a grant from the JA and Kathryn Albertson Foundation. The goal is to be self-sustaining after three years. As students were all in 9th grade, they were not eligible to take the ISAT, so instead took the MAP. They were in the 90th percentile in math and reading for growth and also showed strong IWA growth. The school had a clean financial audit. Current fall enrollment is 24 in 10th grade and 30 in 9th grade. 

Innovation School Performance Report - Union High School: Union Principal Carleen Schnitker began with an overview of how the school came to be. In November, the school received the highest scores in the state during the AdvancEd Accreditation onsite review. She also reported that data supports social-emotional growth for students. Metrics used to evaluate progress include graduation rates, post-secondary placement, academic growth, attendance, behaviors and work readiness.

District Authorized Charter School Desk Reviews: The district authorizes three charter schools, which must each be reviewed annually. The first phase includes the schools’ compliance with financial laws, human resource practices and food service compliance. The board packet includes summaries of these reviews. In July and August, their compliance with academic and federal programs will be analyzed.

Approval of 2018-2019 Budget: The board approved the 2018-2019 budget.

Monthly Budget Status Report: There were no questions regarding the monthly budget status report.

Authorization to Issue 2018-2019 Certified Contracts: The board approved issuing contracts to certified staff based on last year’s salaries, with higher starting salaries to meet state requirements. When the master contract is settled, these contracts will be replaced with new contracts reflecting the negotiated salaries.

Heather Lewis portraitAppointment of Zone 5 Trustee: Trustees interviewed three candidates in the 6 p.m. work session and discussed their thoughts in open session. Heather Lewis was selected to fill the empty Zone 5 seat by a unanimous vote, based largely on the fact that she had previously run for the seat and had strengths suited to issues facing the board. She will be sworn into office at the July 10 meeting.

ISBA Resolution Discussion: Trustees discussed a resolution asking the Idaho State Board of Education to change its process for how funds are made available for Continuous Improvement Plan training. The resolution was approved and will be submitted to the ISBA.

Twice-per-Month Board Meeting Discussion: Trustees discussed the best way to schedule a second board meeting each month. One suggestion was that the regular monthly business meeting continue to be held on the second Tuesday of the month. Additional special meetings would alternate between the second and third Tuesdays of the month. The trustees also discussed changing the start time from 7:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The issue will again be discussed at the July 10 meeting so new trustee Heather Lewis will have time to weigh in.


First Reading Policy #4120 Grievance Policy & Student Handbook Review: A suggestion was made to add the word “confidential” to the policy at levels 2 and 3. Approved for a first reading.

First Reading Revised Policy #2620 - Grading Policy: Approved for a first reading. Trustee Simpson welcomed feedback from teachers.

First Reading Policy #1415 Recommendation for Discharge: Approved for a first reading.


Superintendent Comments: Superintendent Kellerer reported that ISAT and SBAC scores indicate that what the district is doing for student learning is working. Growth improvements were seen across the board except for one grade level in math. Growth exceeded where it was two years ago. She also reported that we have been chosen by a Blue Cross/Blue shield granting agency to participate in opportunities with the Student Assistance Task Force.

Trustee Comments: Trustee Stauffer asked when the board would be reorganized. The annual reorganization meeting is July 10. 

Upcoming Meetings: The next regular meeting is July 10.

The board recessed into executive session at 9:37 p.m. to consider student discipline and personnel issues as well as the progress of contract negotiations. The board reconvened to take action on a student expulsion and two personnel matters.

The meeting adjourned at 10:07 p.m.