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Roosevelt Elementary

At Roosevelt Elementary, we pride ourselves on our vision (Safe and Solid) and mission (Encourage and Equip). We actively teach servant leadership, where every person who enters our school feels a sense of safety: emotionally, physically, mentally and academically. They also know that they will be encouraged and equipped for their future. This belief extends not only to our students and staff, but to parents and community members as well.   


At Roosevelt we value education for the whole child. It is important to us to remain sensitive to the needs of children, even in our high-stakes environment. We have implemented a responsive program for our students that includes our therapy dogs, Coco and Princess Leia. The children love their puppies! They write to the dogs, love on the dogs, read to the dogs, and visit the dogs on a regular basis. 


Roosevelt Elementary is a place where responsive education and love abounds. Our belief is that if we have healthy, whole children, we will be able to foster curious, lifelong learners.  Schedule an appointment today and feel the difference!