Post Work

After Board approval of curricular selection, the committee and/or committee lead will complete the following: 

  • Publicize decision to all stakeholders;
  • Determine implementation and professional development needs including, but not limited to parents, students, teachers, and administrators;
  • Take professional development needs to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction;
  • Consult with the Accounting Department;
  • Order curricular materials; and
  • Complete delivery inventory checklist and give documentation to accounting.
  • Disposal of obsolete materials (Un-adoption process)
    • Director of Curriculum and Instruction will complete a memo to the Superintendent and deliver it to the Clerk of the Board seeking board approval.
    • Once approved, the materials must first be offered for sale to reputable book buyer(s).
    • Any monies from such a sale are to be distributed back to the Curriculum and Instruction fund.
    • After all curricular materials have been offered for sale, any remaining will be disposed of in the most efficient and cost-neutral manner possible.
NSD Curriculum Adoption Procedure