Committee Work

After committee creation, the committee will complete the following to make a recommendation to the Board: 

  • Build capacity of the committee through examination of scientifically based research that addresses best practices and pedagogy;
  • Analyze district data (qualitative and quantitative) to gain understanding of the current reality and needs;
  • Define NSD values based on scientifically based research and district data (including demographic, mobility, special populations, etc.); 
  • Post agendas, meeting notes, etc. on district website to update teachers, administrators and community;
  • Create and use screener and rubric for selection of curricular materials;
  • Negotiate with publisher(s) on cost and delivery of curricular materials;
  • Vet curricular materials with technology instructional specialist, informational technology department, English language department, and special education department;
  • Host multiple open houses for stakeholder (including but not limited to parents, teachers, community members) feedback;
  • Select curricular materials using rubric and stakeholder feedback;
  • Create the presentation on selected materials for the Board; and
  • Present recommendation to Board.