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District Administration


The directory below includes all administrative staff by first and last name. Here is a list of district-level leaders.

To telephone, call (208) 468-4601 and use the extension for the individual. For some individuals, the best way to reach them will be through their administrative assistant.

Interim Superintendent Gregg Russell, ext. 1010

Interim Deputy Superintendent Waylon Yarbrough, ext. 1012
Executive Director of Operations Cortney Stauffer, ext. 1018
Executive Director of Elementary Education (Pre-K to 5) Laurie Maughan, ext. 1080 

Executive Director of Secondary Education (Grades 6-12) Steve LaBau, ext. 1080

Director of Career & Technical Education Cindy Arnzen, ext. 1047

Director of Curriculum & Instruction Scott Knopp, ext. 1096

Director of Communications & Community Relations Kathleen Tuck, ext. 1015

Director of Finance Randy Dewey, ext. 1057

Director of Human Resources Gwen Hamlin, ext. 1042
Director of Information Services Cody Kreps, ext. 1102

Director of Maintenance & Grounds Kelly Hildebrand, ext. 1204

Director of Nutrition Services Michelle Eggers, ext. 1288

Director of Special Education Cyndi Cook, ext. 1070

Administrator of Assessment Anita Christenson, ext. 1088

Administrator of Compensatory Services (Disadvantaged, Homeless, English Language Learners)  Niall Trimble, ext. 1064

Title IX Coordinator Steve LaBau, ext. 1080