Nampa Personalized Learning

Thanks to patron support of our supplemental levy, the Nampa School District is improving teaching and learning through the Nampa Personalized Learning initiative. 

Our Vision for Personalized Learning in Nampa

District and school leaders identified the vision for the Nampa's Personalized Learning initiative and its  four key components: integrated digital content, targeted instruction, data driven decisions,  and student reflection and ownership.

NPL Goals

Relentless Educators

  • Teachers will integrate technology into their instruction 
  • Teachers will engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources 
  • Teachers will directly model digital citizenship and responsibility 
  • Tenacious Students: 
  • Students will monitor their progress towards learning goals will conduct research, interact collaboratively, and use digital tools to develop innovative products  
  • Students will understand and demonstrate digital citizenship using digital tools appropriately


Supportive Community

  • Parents and families will be informed about personalized learning 
  • Parents and families will support digital citizenship at home 
  • Parents and families will support their students, teachers, and school through ongoing communication 


Digital Tools 

  • Teachers will provide a wide range of digital tools for student use, including those that facilitate research as well as tools geared for the creation of original learning products 
  • Students will utilize digital tools that are most suited to their particular style of learning  

Teacher Support

Essential to the initiative's success is providing all teachers a common framework for innovative instruction called HACK. Ongoing HACK training is provided by NNU's Doceo Center.