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December 2016

The Nampa Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of the month. Below is the summary of the Dec. 13  regular meeting.


Students in the district’s culinary arts program prepared a holiday meal for trustees and district leadership.


Public comments – No one signed up.

Trustee reports

Several of the trustees shared information from the Idaho School Board Association conference they attended in November.

Agenda – No changes were made to the published agenda.


Pathways in Education Charter School – Superintendent Peterson noted that the charter had been discussed by the Board at previous meetings. Trustees approved the charter which is scheduled to open in the 2017-18 school year and serve about 300 high school students. Trustee Otten noted that the charter would help meet a need for a school that serve students who are at risk of dropping out or have dropped out. It was approved 4-0.

Treasure Valley Leadership Academy Innovation School Agreement – The Board of Trustees approved the school earlier this year. Superintendent Peterson said the school’s agreement, however, was changed to reflect feedback from the Office of the State Board of Education and others. Trustees approved the agreement 3-1.

Supplemental Levy Update – The district’s current two-year supplemental levy will expire in June 2018. Superintendent Peterson said several options are available for the renewal election.

Homeowner Petition to Cede Property to Vallivue School District – The Board of Trustees received a petition from some residents seeking a boundary change to allow a 1-mile-square section in the district’s northern boundary to be moved to the Vallivue District. The Board voted to neither oppose or support the request that will be considered by the State Board of Education in 2017. The Board did ask the superintendent to ask the state to consider setting an election on the change for May or November 2017 with an effective date of the 2017-18 school year. These considerations would provide the Nampa School District time to plan for the change if the election is successful.

Monthly Budget Status Report – Superintendent Peterson asked Finance Director Randy Dewey to update the Board. Dewey reported that the expected drop in support unit was realized with some additional loss. The decline in units resulted in less revenue for the district, Dewey reported, but he added that working with the education association in the fall helped keep expenses in line with reduced revenue. Reports provided to the board were Budget to Actual and Budget Status.

CONSENT AGENDA – The Board approved this item which included:

BOARD DEVELOPMENT AND LINKAGE– The Board continued its study of Policy Governance with a discussion of the booklet “Implementing Policy Governance and Staying on Track.”


Board Response to Monitoring Report – Policy SL-2D Budget Execution – The Board found that the superintendent complied with Policy SL-2D.

Board Response to Monitoring Report – Policy SL-2E Organizational Development and Executive Succession -- The Board found that the superintendent complied with Policy SL-2D.

Board Response to Monitoring Report – Policy SL-2L Student Conduct and Discipline -The Board found that superintendent complied with Policy SL-2D.

Superintendent Evaluation Process – It was noted that this process would need to begin.


Discussion of Travel and Reimbursement Board and Superintendent – This item was continued to January’s meeting to include Trustee McGourty, who was not in attendance because of another commitment.

Discussion of Policy GP-2F Cost of Governance – Trustees discussed identifying resources for Board training and development particularly in the area of Policy Governance. Superintendent Peterson said budgets would be set in the spring.

Second Reading and Finance Adoption, Policy E-2A Academic Competence – Trustees approved 4-0.

Second Reading and Financial Adoption, Revised Policy SL-2N Student Engagement – Trustees approved 4-0.


Nampa Education Association – President Shannon O’Donnell had no NEA news to report, but share her school Snake River Elementary received a grant.

Superintendent Comments – No comments.

Trustee Comments – No comments.

Board Assessment of Meeting – Chairman Fuller noted he did not assign this task. Two audience members did submit assessments.

Upcoming Meetings – The next regular meeting is 7:30 p.m. Jan. 10, 2017

Executive Session – The Board adjourned into executive session. It resumed session and took no action before adjourning at 10:31 p.m.