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December 2017

The Nampa Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of each month. Below is a summary of the December 12, 2017, regular meeting.

CALL TO ORDER – 6 p.m.

Chairman Allison Westfall called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. Also in attendance were Trustees Kim Rost, Mandy Simpson, Janelle Stauffer and Mike Fuller. The audience joined the Board in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Trustee Comments: Chairman Westfall reported on an informative visit to the classroom of Jaimee Hoesing, a second-grade teacher at Centennial Elementary School. Westfall encouraged fellow trustees to accept the invitation from the Nampa Education Association to spend a day with a teacher. She also reported on the legislative breakfast she and Superintendent Paula Kellerer attended. She said the Board will be asked at the January meeting to consider a resolution to identify Nampa School District’s legislative priorities that can be used to inform legislators.


The consent agenda was approved with a correction to the minutes of the November 14 regular meeting.

A. Approval of Minutes: Regular Board Meeting – November 14, 2017
B. Approval of Minutes: Special Board Meeting – December 5, 2017
C. Approval of Monthly Personnel Report
D. Approval of Accounts Payable and Student Activity Funds Reports
E. Canyon County Statement of Receipts – October 31, 2017
F. Enrollment Report – December 4, 2017
G. Acknowledgement of Out-of-State and Overnight Field Trips
H. Approval of ACCESS Behavioral Health Service Agreement
I. Authorization to Dispose of Excess Copier – Willow Creek
J. Authorization to Dispose of Excess Copier – Snake River
K. Authorization to Dispose of Excess Computer Equipment
L. Nutrition Services Bid Award


Amy Stahl, from St. Luke's, gives a presentation to the board.School Spotlight - Community School with St. Luke’s Presentation: Amy Stahl with St. Luke’s Nampa reported on the successful partnership between St. Luke’s and the Family Community Resource Center located in the Community School at Snake River Elementary. She said the hospital has hired several people from outside the area, and held an event to introduce them to their community partners (including the Nampa School District) and encouraged them to volunteer. The event gave them a way to learn more about the needs of the community. St. Luke’s provided funds to each partner, along with a banner for each organization to keep and use to showcase their services. St. Luke’s is calling this vision “Better Together.”

Trustee Stauffer asked about the current needs of those served by the Family Community Resource Center. FCRC Coordinator Mari Ramos and Snake River Elementary Principal Karla Reynolds listed winter clothing, early childhood books, emergency food boxes to tide families over during the break, mentors and volunteers.

Unaccompanied Youth Task Force Update: Mirella Garcia, homeless program specialist; Heidi Rahn, administrator of federal programs; and Steffanie Altenbern, McKinney-Vento liaison, presented an update on the task force. The vision is to create a Central Hub where unaccompanied youth can gather after school to receive tutoring and mentorship, do laundry, cook, clean, get budgeting help, and more while enjoying a safe place. Participants will be referred by school personnel and must adhere to specific standards. They reviewed logistics, such as staffing, community partnerships, location, etc. The program is looking at a soft launch for 10-12 middle and high school students on Jan. 22, 2018, with a grand opening on April 4.

Monthly Budget Status Report: The board had no questions about the monthly budget report.

Trustee Code of Ethics: Trustees discussed and signed the code of ethics outlining trustee expectations. Defined as a “contract” to ensure good relationships between all parties, it has been in place as policy since 2014, but in the past the trustees did not sign it. They will now do so annually.


Second Reading Policies 3060, 3200,3220, 3225, 3230, 3255 and 3270: Trustee Rost expressed concern that Policy 3255 (Student Dress) was broad and open to multiple interpretations. She also worried that students would lose instructional time if they were required to leave the classroom until they could change clothing. Superintendent Kellerer noted that it was purposely worded so that school administrators could have leeway in addressing specific incidents. Diana Molino, principal of Nampa High School, and Scott Parker, executive director of secondary education, were in the audience and shared that principals have plans to address code violations, including extra appropriate clothing. On the computer use policy, Trustee Fuller asked why district devices are able to download so many apps, particularly games. Superintendent Kellerer said the district hopes students will be able to personalize their devices, and Assistant Superintendent Gregg Russell noted that intense filtering often blocks access to more sites and services than intended. The dress code, computer use, and other policies were approved for a second and final reading.

Second Reading Revised Policy 2700 – High School Graduation Requirements: This policy was updated and outlines the district’s existing graduation requirements, which exceed Idaho state requirements by five credits. Superintendent Kellerer pointed out the need to get the requirements into policy, but suggested revisiting them down the road to be sure they achieve the intended results. Trustee Rost asked that the motion to approve this policy be amended to include language from state code regarding the senior year math requirement. Trustees discussed forming a district community committee to review NSD’s graduation requirement and make recommendations to the Board for changes. Chairman Westfall asked Superintendent Kellerer to note the Board would revisit this in March or April 2018. The motion passed.

Second Reading Revised Policy 9020 – Certificated Employees Evaluation: The motion to approve passed.


Nampa Education Association Comments: NEA President Terri Bentley reported that the association is putting together a survey to determine teacher’s concerns about lunch and prep times being encumbered.

Superintendent Comments: Superintendent Kellerer recognized the great partnership between the NEA and the district, as well as our partnership with GCA for custodial services. She then reported on the district’s preparations for a possible snow day, stating that leadership has met to review protocol and procedures and reached out to neighboring districts, Brown Bus, etc. She noted that a message has been prepared for parents in the event of weather busing delays. The administration explored possible alternative bus routes during severe weather conditions but ruled out that approach after identifying safety issues for the district’s youngest students. She also reported that the district is collecting additional information on standards-based grading.

Trustee Comments: Trustee Simpson thanked Shelley Bonds, executive director of elementary education, for “carrying the torch” for her at the Dec. 5 Special Meeting on governance policies when she was ill, and for her assistance helping her understand district policy; Trustee Rost enjoyed being paired with a district leader on the policy project and appreciated the opportunity to get to know her and her work; Trustee Stauffer thanked the Nampa Education Association for their gift of a poinsettia, and issued a challenge to the other trustees to see whose zone could collect the most coats and sleeping bags for kids in need; Trustee Fuller said he is looking forward to a closer look at graduation requirements and is interested in learning more about the topics mentioned in the earlier presentations; Chairman Westfall noted the six-month anniversary for Superintendent Kellerer and commended her for her leadership and work during that time including providing information and guidance to inform the board in making major decisions, implementing a budget and continuous improvement plan developed by the prior administration, handling issues that developed in the transition from one administration to the next, and for being visible in schools and active in the community.

Board Assessment of Meeting: Trustee Fuller rated the meeting as “Satisfactory”

Upcoming Meeting: January 16, 2018. Note this is a change from the regular meeting date because of the holiday schedule.

Executive Session: The board recessed into executive session at 7:25 p.m.

Resume Open Session: Trustees resumed open session at 8:10 p.m.

Action from Executive Session: The board took action to uphold an out-of-state expulsion.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m.