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May 2020

Below is a recap of the May 12, 2020, Nampa School Board meeting. Supporting documents can be found at


The meeting was called to order via Zoom at 6:30 p.m. Chairman Kim Rost and Trustees Heather Lewis, Mike Kipp, Mandy Simpson and Allison Westfall were present.


Nampa Education Association Comments: NEA President Eric Maine stated that he is proud of the work the association has done. He thanked the district for continuing to allow the association to be part of the process, while acknowledging that there are some challenges still ahead of us. He reminded the board that we are in the middle of negotiations; with the uncertain and difficult outlook ahead, the association has resolved to do what is best for students and teachers. He appreciates the powerful work of all the stakeholders this year and looks forward to the end of the year and hopefully a new beginning as we move into summer and fall.


Trustee Comments: Trustee Kipp thanked all the teachers and expressed gratitude for the way they have tracked students, especially those who were not easy to stay in contact with.  Trustee Westfall also thanked all of our teachers. Chairman Rost reported that she was able to attend the Lake Ridge Elementary parade and that it was great to see faces. She also attended the Boys and Girls Club gala, put on following social distancing guidelines. She said it gave her hope for our senior celebrations and she hopes the district can be as successful as they were.


Public Comments: No public comments. Chairman Rost noted that the June board meeting will likely also be a virtual meeting and the public is welcome to post comments.



The following consent agenda items were approved by the board 

  1. Approval of Minutes: Regular Board Meeting - April 14, 2020
  2. Approval of Minutes: Special Board Meeting - April 28, 2020
  3. Approval of Monthly Personnel Report
  4. Canyon County Statement of Receipts - March 31, 2020
  5. Approval of Accounts Payable & Student Activity Funds Reports
  6. Approval of Union High School 2020-2021 School Calendar
  7. Approval of Preston Capell Loan Awards
  8. Approval of Fall Athletic and Activity Schedules
  9. Approval of Information Services Disposal Memo
  10. Approval of Lunch Price Increase
  11. Approval of Greenhurst Cooling Tower Replacement



Facilities Plan: Director of Operations Peter Jurhs discussed the facilities plan found in the board packet. The packet was put together at the request of the board to show which projects are on the docket for the summer and funding sources for projects.


Approval of Playground Bids: Superintendent Kellerer noted that playgrounds are paid for out of new levy funds. The importance of equity across schools was discussed. The board approved the playground proposal as presented.


2020-2021 Budget Discussion: Superintendent Kellerer shared documents prepared with the help of Finance Director Randy Dewey, including Idaho Code 33-522, a budget fact sheet showing where cuts might affect the overall budget, the governor’s actual budget cut proposal, and notes from the governor’s emergency council meeting. These documents can all be found in the board packet. The district is still negotiating with NEA so won’t have final decisions for a while. The district expects to receive $3.4 million in one-time stimulus money, earmarked for specific uses by September 2022. The district also is looking at ways to be prepared should there be additional holdbacks in the coming year. There was discussion about the general fund contingency balance.


Nampa School District Idaho Rebounds Plan: Superintendent Kellerer discussed a district plan giving guiding employees as they return to offices, protocols for illness, etc., and another document that talks about how we return our athletics, band and other student activity programs to full activity. Dates in the documents are based on successfully moving through the governor’s four-phase program for reopening Idaho. No student athletic activities will be held until June 1 (or phase 3) in conjunction with an overall SIC approved plan. She said the plan will be referenced in her Friday letter and then posted on the district’s COVID-19 webpage.


A question was asked about having enough personal protective equipment on hand (masks, gloves, etc.). The district donated much of our supply to hospitals when their need was the greatest. However, we have secured 300 reusable masks and have some disposable masks, and an order of vinyl gloves is expected to arrive on Wednesday. Nutrition Services has had equipment all along, but we now need to equip more employees.


Policy and Procedure Update. The district has identified some ISBA policies we need to pursue, as well as where we don’t need to create additional policies. Priorities were created for the next round of policy updates.


Board Clerk Job Description: Board members discussed the job description for the board clerk position. Chairman Rost reviewed the process leading up to creation of the document as well as next steps for the clerk position. Currently the clerk position is part time and is filled by the assistant to the superintendent. Chairman Rost noted that was working well. Superintendent Kellerer commented that a job description is valuable in outlining expectations for the clerk’s duties and compensation. The board approved the job description and re-appointed Tammy Wallen as clerk. Trustee Simpson also offered appreciation for the work that she has been doing for many years.


Superintendent Evaluation: The board approved the superintendent evaluation for the 2019-2020 school year. Chairman Rost reported that Superintendent Kellerer’s performance was recognized by the board as accomplished and nearly exemplary in her role as superintendent.


Accept Resignation of Board Member: The board accepted the resignation of Trustee Heather Lewis, who is moving out of the area. Trustee Lewis reported that serving as a trustee has been rewarding and offered her appreciation for the privilege.


Monthly Budget Status Report: Trustee Simpson expressed appreciation for answers to questions she had posed about the budget: She asked if the district will receive the remainder of federal grant funds in this year’s budget. The district will receive those, with the exception of a few areas where the amount might be slightly reduced. There was also a question posed about scholarship funding. Sometimes students defer drawing on their scholarships due to missions or other commitments, meaning the full amount is not drawn each year.




First Reading Policy #7218, #7235, #7237, #7270, #7320, #7405, #7430, #7450 and #9100: These policies emerged out of an audit of special education compliance. Following discussion, the policies were accepted for a first reading.



Legal Update: Chairman Rost asked if there were updates on the hearing. It was reported that an agreement is being worked out; should be vacated. No board vote was necessary.


Superintendent Comments: Superintendent Kellerer thanked Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling for the city’s proclamation for the class of 2020, which also included Vallivue seniors. She expressed gratitude and amazement for the work accomplished in last few weeks by these students and NSD teachers. She noted that the board clerk outlined a budget timeline – June 9, basic budget available for review. June 14, deadline to get to the paper for publication by June 20. Budget hearing is scheduled for June 30.


Trustee Comments: Trustee Simpson thanked everyone that is working in the district. She said she knows they are working hard for kids. Trustee Westfall also offered thanks to the board clerk for the emails about what has changed, appointments, etc. She asked when the board might meet again in person. Chairman Rost said she anticipates a virtual meeting in June as it is difficult to social distance in the board room.  Trustee Lewis said it has been an honor to serve. Chairman Rost thanked everyone for their patience with her as she does her best to keep up with new information. Senior celebration information was sent out from the superintendent outlining opportunities to attend. She noted that many events in May and June have been postponed, but there will continue to be events in the summer. She also asked trustees to gather their thoughts concerning a board retreat this summer.


Board Self-Assessment: Trustee Westfall rated the meeting as satisfactory.


Upcoming Meetings: June virtual meeting will be June 9, 2020.


 Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.