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March 2020

March 2020 
Below is a recap of the March 10, 2020, Nampa School Board meeting. Supporting documents can be found at
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. Chairman Kim Rost and Trustees Mike Kipp, Mandy Simpson and Allison Westfall were present. 
Student Spotlight - Snake River Writing Presentation: Snake River co-teacher Suzan Racchetto-Madrigal introduced three of her fifth-grade students. Each student gave a short presentation showing their progress in writing, including samples and inspirational quotes.
Nampa Education Association Comments: NEA President Eric Maine highlighted members’ work on supporting the levy. Efforts included 40 volunteers, 3,000 phone calls, almost 1,000 text messages, and about 800 flyers distributed. He assured the board that regardless of the election outcome, teachers are still “all about students.” He noted that high-stakes testing is ramping up and thanked the district for its support of teachers.
Trustee Comments: Trustee Westfall thanked Trustee Simpson for telling her about door knocking by the NEA. She appreciated the Nampa Rotary’s recent gala raising money for the district’s migrant and homeless students. She also was able to testify against the bill that would consolidate school election dates. Trustee Simpson said she enjoyed the opportunity to knock on doors and see the support of the community. Chairman Rost reported that she was able to have a booth at Lake Ridge Elementary’s International Women’s Day celebration and enjoyed cheering on kids while talking about possible careers. She also attended Idaho History Day at Lake Ridge, along with Mayor Debbie Kling. Trustee Kipp was able to host two meetings on the NNU campus to share information about the supplemental levy.
Public Comments: Realtor David Ferdinand commented on the Parkview Building, which is up for sale. He said he is excited to see possibilities for the property and to hear the board’s decision on next steps. Reverend Dan Mangeac of Good News Community Church said he loves being part of the Nampa School District. He believes in it and is excited to see how he can partner with us on the Parkview Building.
The following consent agenda items were approved by the board:
• Approval of Minutes: Regular Board Meeting - February 11, 2020
• Approval of Minutes: Board Work Session - February 25, 2020
• Approval of Minutes: Special Board Meeting - February 26, 2020
• March 1, 2020, Enrollment Report
• Approval of Monthly Personnel Report
• Canyon County Statement of Receipts - January 31, 2020
• Approval of Accounts Payable & Student Activity Funds Reports
• Out-of-State and Overnight Trip Requests
• Approval of Information Services Disposal Notice
NEW BUSINESS                                                                                                                                                      
Kindergarten & Social Emotional Learning Update: Assessment Administrator Anita Christenson-Koons talked about kindergartners’ growth from the first quarter to the second. She shared that the kids showed growth in all the standards. 
Standards-Based Grading Update: Assistant Superintendent Gregg Russell said the he had sat down with a variety of focus groups to gather feedback on our standards-based grading pilot. Stakeholders included teachers at Columbia, AP, art, Nampa High ELA, social studies, Lone Star, East Valley department heads and standards-based grading coaches. Participants were asked about the positives of standards-based grading, areas that need strengthening and what needs to happen moving forward. He reported that they are working on a new grade book so parents can more easily see how their kids are doing, and then outlined plans for phasing in remaining middle and high school courses.
2020-2022 School Calendar: Superintendent Paula Kellerer recognized calendar committee co-chairs Will Barber and Laurie Maughan. She noted that they had collected robust data from staff, parents and students to inform the process. The two-year calendar without advocacy time meets state requirements for instructional time so no waiver will be needed from the state. The board approved the calendar.
Parkview School Building: The building only received one bid and it did not meet the appraisal price of $590,000 (IS THIS THE RIGHT PRICE?). The board approved listing the property for sale on the open market.
Idaho Education Association President Endorsement: The board discussed whether a board endorsement for Mandy Simpson as IEA president was allowable. Board attorney Mark Hilty said they are free to endorse a candidate as individuals but advised against it as a board. The board chose not to take official action but to make personal endorsements instead.
Monthly Budget Status Report: Finance Direct Randy Dewey shared concerns with funding the new tier on the career ladder as state funding is an allocation and not a flow through.
POLICY REVIEW                                                                                                                                                   
First Reading Policy #3455 - Closed Campus - Schools, #3450 - Student Vehicle Parking and Revised Policy #3090 - Foreign Exchange Students: Following discussion on how policy is enforced the board voted to approve these policies for a first reading.
First Reading Policy #3560 & #5390 - Video Surveillance: This policy was approved for a first reading.
First Reading Policy #5240 - Sexual Harassment/Sexual Intimidation in the Workplace, #5260 - Abuse and Neglected Child Reporting and #5265 - Employee Responsibilities Regarding Student Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying: These policies were approved for a first reading.
First Reading Revised Policy #1150 - Agenda Planning and #1200 - Annual Organizational Meeting: These policies were approved for a first reading.
Retire Policy #10022 - Infectious - Communicable Diseases and #10011 - Student Rights & Responsibilities: The board approved retiring these policies as both have been replaced with new policies.
Legal Update: There was no legal update.
Superintendent Comments: Superintendent Kellerer reported on staff travel, noting that trips to the Seattle area had been cancelled, as had a conference in Salt Lake City. She shared that the district is planning for how to teach kids should the district need to close schools due to the coronavirus. She shared that information about the virus and the district’s response are posted on our district website, including updated partnerships, precautions for staff, travel watch over spring break, etc. Finally, she reported that the Rotary Wine, Dine and Be Kind fundraiser raised close to $8,000 for our homeless and migrant students.
Trustee Comments: Trustee Simpson thanked the other trustees for checking her when she went “into the weeds” with her comments. Trustee Westfall asked if a Board Docs upgrade could be considered in the budget-setting process to include the ability to capture notes.
Upcoming Meetings: The next regular board meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. April 14, 2020.
Adjournment: The board recessed into executive session at 8:47 p.m. to consider student discipline issues, an update on negotiations and the superintendent evaluation. After resuming open session at 9:27 p.m., the board took action on two student discipline issues and adjourned the meeting at 9:28 p.m.